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SAP S/4HANA On Premise Post System Copy Steps

This document will provide you the required post system copy steps to get your SAP S/4HANA On Premise system up and running. The document will guide you through the steps required after you have successfully performed a SAP system copy of both SAP S/4HANA Backend and Frontend system. This document will not cover the SWPM steps for the target System of a standard System Copy. After completing the post system copy steps, you will have a functioning SAP Fiori Launchpad connecting to the SAP S/4HANA backend system.

High level post system steps include:

  • Generate SAP License
  • Adopt SAP Instance Profiles
  • Reconfigure SSL
  • Reconfigure Trusted RFC on both BES and FES
  • Reconfigure SAP Web Dispatcher Instance Profile
  • Reconfigure SAP Web Dispatcher SSL
  • Reconfigure RFC’s
  • Reconfigure STMS
  • Reconfigure SAML

Optional Steps, if SID rename is performed:

  • Update logical system names
  • Reconfigure Enterprise Search
  • Reconfigure Alias

As a prerequisite for SAP S/4HANA On Premise post system copy document, you will need to perform a homogenous or heterogenous system copy procedure. To perform a SAP system copy, you will need to follow the standard system copy procedures. Please refer to the following SAP System Copy procedure for details steps. Both SAP S/4HANA Backend and Frontend system must be successfully copied and started before use.

We will use the following acronyms in this guide:

BES = SAP S/4HANA Backend System

FES = SAP S/4HANA Frontend System

Please refer to the following document for step by step instructions on the necessary post system copy steps to get you S/4HANA Backend and Fiori Frontend system up and running.

Link to document –



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  • Thanks for this.

    We are also licensed for and will be using embedded BPC for S/4HANA, which will be utilising a separate client for BW (same S/4 system) as per SAP recommendations.  Please could you provide any specific post copy steps for embedded BPC?

    The fact it requires a configured BW client complicates system refreshes somewhat and I am not sure how many other customers are out there yet (who have done a system copy anyway)

    Many thanks,