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Do you know SAP Product Support for SAP Customer Relationship Management? Let me introduce myself…

Let me introduce myself – my name is Sigrid Wieshofer and I have been supporting SAP Customer Relationship Management since quite a long time – sounds crazy but it will be 12 years in February 2018. I supported different topics – starting with Middleware and Master Data, Analytics, Web Client Framework. Since 2012 I fully concentrate on CRM Interaction Center as the leading expert working together with colleagues from around the world.

I have two children (9 and 14) and I love going Skiing with my family.

I have studied Technical Mathematics and then worked for almost 5 years at the University of Agricultural Sciences (Institute of Mountain Risk Engineering) in Vienna doing research in snow mechanics and snow avalanches. After some years – working on one project after the other without a long-term plan for the future, I decided to do a second study beside my work and (later beside my first child) and started to study Project Management and Information Technology. Actually I thought, it might be much easier to work with computers than with natural hazards as computers are programmed by human beings and have determined behavior (later on I saw that I was not fully correct ;-))

After finishing it, I thought that now I am ready to leave university and work for a “real” company. I applied for job as Product Support Engineer in the  Global Support Center in Vienna, Austria. Since then I am an really happy SAP employee and never thought about leaving SAP.

I really love doing support – working together with customers, solving issues with debugging or other means. I also love documenting my findings in SAP Knowledge Base Articles, so that other customers having similar issues can solve their issues much faster.

Together with my colleagues, we are steadily updating our knowledge base –  here your KBA ratings and KBA comments are very helpful to improve our KBAs.

Now with Next Generation Support, I also have the chance to chat with you. This new channel makes it much easier for us to understand the new  product issue and to collect all necessary information. Even, we might not be able to solve all issues via the chat but need to transform the chat into an incident, it streamlines support.

We are also engaged in the SAP Community as moderators and contributors. We fully believe in the importance of an active CRM community.

From now on, I plan to share information from Product Support on a regular basis with you.  Please let me know what might be interesting for you. As long as it is related to SAP Standard product usage, we will try our best.






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  • Hi Sigrid and congrats for your beautiful carrer! Mathematics? Snow mechanics? As weird as CRM 🙂

    I'm working on a Interaction Center project since beginning of October. This is my first contact with CRM, BSP, BOL, CTI integration...  What a brave new world to be explored.

    You have already helped me with Interaction Record creation via BAPI. Also, the SCN has lots of quite good information that I'm using since October to have things done in the project... (yes, I'm working alone doing all the functional customization and ABAP development for the enhancements... F1,, SCN and standard debbuging have become my new friends).


    All the best for you and I'm looking forward to check your new blogs about CRM!




  • Hi Sigrid Wieshofer,

    Good to read your blog.

    I have a request here to include details on S4 HANA Customer Management (CRM Add-on). Please update all the developments around S4 HANA Customer Management. Please also come up with the distinction on different CRM products i.e., SAP CRM, S4 HANA Customer Management, Hybris Cloud for Customer, Hybris Service Engagement center, SAP Anywhere etc., on deployment options.



  • Hi K Anandh,

    SAP S/4HANA for customer management (aka. "CRM add-on", or - my favorite - "S/4HANA CRM") is still in the making and will be released Q1 2018. We are currently preparing roll out material with more information and details, so bear with us for a few more month 🙂

    A little bit of information about the SAP S/4HANA for customer management scope and roadmap is already included in the S/4HANA roadmaps, which are published on - scroll down all the way to the S/4HANA on-premise roadmaps, slide 28 has details on S/4HANA for customer management (direct link:


    Cheers, Oliver.

    • Hi Oliver Frick,

      Thanks for your reply.We are attending all your and SAP webinars on this subject.

      We would be happy to get more input on this new software solution i.e. how to position this product to customer amidst several other CRM products.If we get more information on when should we go for Back office CRM + Front office CRM  and only Back office CRM without Front office CRM.

      What would be marketing capability in S4 HANA Customer Management?Will marketing functionality be introduced inside in S4 HANA Customer  Management in the future as there is Planning & budgeting posting may have impact in Finance?

      Advanced greetings for Happy Christmas & Exciting Eventful S4 HANA CRM New Year

      Thanks & Regards


  • Hi K Anandh,

    more information about how to differentiate between front office and back office will be part of the roll our material that we are preparing. Not an easy question to answer ...

    Marketing is more simple: there will be no marketing capabilities SAP S/4HANA for customer management. Customers that need marketing will need SAP Hybris Marketing (cloud), or continue with marketing in SAP CRM.

    Cheers, Oliver.

  • Hi Oliver, Hi Sigrid,

    Are there any updates on Customer Management in S/4 Hana ? Earlier for the release of 1709 certian things were delayed but now for the release of 02/2018, what will be getting avaiable specially when it comes to Service Management ?

    One more quick question. How can I follow the updates about "OnPremise SAP Customer Relationship Management" specially when it comes to your webinars. I tired but getting lost in many SAP pages.

    Look forward for your help and reply.

  • Thank you Oliver and I do appreciate your reply. I look forward for that documentation page to be available with all the required info.

    Would you mind letting me know if there are any specific community , blogs ( current or future palnned) which I can follow to keep updated.

    Earlier I was use to click on names( for example if i click on your  name) I was used to see the blogs, doc created by the user. I dont see that option anymore. How can I get that kind of information now ?


  • Oliver,

    Thank you for the help. I saw that information is getting available on the link your provided earlier. Its becoming easy to understand now.

    Appreciate your help.