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SAP Fiori Front-end Server in a Nutshell


User Interface technology at SAP has a long history. Starting with SAP GUI, Business Server Pages (BSP), Web Dynpro, Floorplan Manager (FPM), Enterprise Portal (as a client for UI integration), we have now Fiori.

Fiori apps are web applications, which need a SAPUI5 library and a Fiori Launchpad and last but not least an “SAP Fiori Front-end Server” on which all runs on premise or need SAP Fiori Cloud for cloud deployment.

Classic SAP GUI and Web Dynpro applications using SAP Fiori theme need an AS ABAP in the backend, which supports SAP Fiori theme. This is only the case for AS ABAP 7.51 and higher for S/4HANA.


What is SAP Fiori Front-end Server?

First of all, it is just an Application Server ABAP.


Technically it is an Add-on to AS ABAP, delivering the right Service Pack Stack (SPS) definition (stack.xml) for AS ABAP, suitable for Fiori App deployment.


Figure: Schematic representation of SAP Fiori Front-end Server



Each SAP Fiori Front-end Server (FES) supports multiple AS ABAP versions, basically starting from AS ABAP 7.40.

Version 7.40 7.50 7.51 7.52 S/4HANA 1809
FES 2.0 x x
FES 3.0 x x x
FES 4.0 x x x x
FES 5.0 x x x x x

(Remark: AS ABAP for S/4HANA 1809 is not available as standalone installation)


FES defines the initial shipment stack (ISS) and service pack stack (SPS) for 2 AS ABAP software components independent from the AS ABAP stack.

  • User Interface Technology (technical name “SAP_UI”) and
  • SAP Gateway Foundation (technical name “SAP_GWFND”, only up to AS ABAP 7.51).

Means SAP_UI can be upgraded (new version) or updated (higher SP) independently from the underlying AS ABAP stack definition. SAP_GWFND can be updated independently from the underlying AS ABAP (up to 7.51 including).


The SAP Fiori Front-end Server version always defines exactly one version of SAP_UI. SAP_UI contains the innovation version and one maintenance version of the SAPUI5 library.

For example:

FES version contains SCV contains
FES 2.0 SAP_UI 7.50 SAPUI5 1.38.x
FES 3.0 SAP_UI 7.51 SAPUI5 1.44.x
FES 4.0 SAP_UI 7.52 SAPUI5 1.52.x
FES 5.0 SAP_UI 7.53 SAPUI5 1.56.x (innovation, planned maintenance 1.60.x

(For more information about versioning, see versioning of SAPUI5, and available SAPUI5 versions)


FES defines also the SAP_GWFND up to AS ABAP 7.51. The SAP_GWFND software component version has always the same version as the underlying AS ABAP but shares the Service Pack Stack definition with SAP_UI, which is defined in FES.

From AS ABAP 7.52 on, SAP_GWFND is not anymore part of the FES stack definition and can  be updated independently from the FES (and AS ABAP) stack definition.


FES SAP Gateway Foundation (SAP_GWFND)
Version  7.40 7.50 7.51 7.52 7.53
FES 2.0 x x
FES 3.0 x x x
FES 4.0 x x x x
FES 5.0 x x x x x

In hub deployment scenarios, the recommendation is, that the SAP_GWFND version of the FES should not be more than 3 versions higher or lower than the backend SAP_GWFND. 7.51 or higher is recommended for S/4HANA. 7.50 typical for Business Suite.


Two additional Components

FES contains additionally the SAP software component “UI for Basis Applications“, the technical name “UIBAS“. In documentation, it is named “SAP Fiori Apps for SAP NetWeaver”. The target group is “key user for SAP NetWeaver”. These apps are mainly required for some S/4HANA Fiori apps and are only available for FES on NW AS ABAP 7.5 or higher.

100-300 for S/4HANA.

FES version contains available for AS ABAP
FES 2.0 UIBAS 100 7.50
FES 3.0 UIBAS 200 7.50, 7.51
FES 4.0 UIBAS 300 7.50, 7.51, 7.52
FES 5.0 UIBAS 400 7.50, 7.51, 7.52 and S/4H1809


The second additional component is SAPUIFT 100 (only one version available, SP01 max.). This component is deprecated and was removed in FES 5.0.



Maintenance and Update

SAP Fiori Front-end Server  Add-on always provides the software component “SAP_UI” independent from the underlying AS ABAP.

Upt to FES 3.0 it also provides “SAP_GWFND” . So these 2 components can be downloaded and implemented or updated independently from the AS ABAP stack definition.

The FES stack definition can run a higher SPS than the underlying AS ABAP SPS. E.g. if you update FES 3.0 to SPS09, typically SAP_UI and SAP_GWFND (until 7.51) will be SP09, while e.g. SAP NetWeaver 7.5 can – but need not – stay on SPS01.



Upgrade of SAP Fiori Front-end Server

As ABAP allows you to upgrade the SAP_UI version to a higher version. e.g. AS ABAP 7.50 allow to upgrade SAP_UI 7.50 to SAP_7.51. FES does not. In this example, you have to upgrade from FES 2.0 to FES 3.0.

If you want to “upgrade” your SAP_GWFND to a higher version, you have to upgrade the underlying AS ABAP to a higher instance. The highest possible SAP_GWFND and AS ABAP version is the SAP_UI version.


Deployment of SAP Fiori apps for S/4HANA

Fiori apps for S/4HANA are mostly bundled in one product version of SAP Fiori for S/4HANA:

S/4HANA version SAP Fiori for S/4HANA product version minimum required FES
S/4HANA 1511 SAP FIORI FOR SAP S/4HANA 1511 FES 2.0 only

you cannot deploy multiple, different SAP Fiori for S/4HANA product versions on one FES. Therefore you need for each product version on decicated FES.



Always use SAP Maintenance Planner for plannning updates and upgrades

Always use SAP Maintenance Planner to plan installations, upgrades (higher product version) and updates (higher software component versions). Maintenance Planner provides all dependencies between installed and planned products and software components of your system landsape.

Available versions of SAP Fiori Apps (e.g. higerh versions of deployed Fiori Apps for higher FES versions), can be found at Fiori Apps Library.


Deployment Options for SAP Fiori Front-end Server

SAP Fiori Front-End Server allows various deployment options.

  • Embedded deployment: The front-end server is deployed into the (existing) AS ABAP of a Business Suite or S/4HANA backend system.
  • Hub 1:1 single backend deployment: A dedicated AS ABAP based SAP Fiori Front-end Server is deployed “in front of” the backend system. These allow decoupling of the life cycle and the sizing of the AS ABAP of the FES from the AS ABAP of the backend. Different backends run in different AS ABAP clients of the FES. Fiori apps for different backend versions do not interfere each other.
  • Hub multi-backend deployment: Deployment in one FES client for multiple backends. Only possible, if the software components for the Fiori apps are different and do not interfere each other. (Typically not the case for S/4HANA).


Typical or “start of planning” recommendations for Business Suite backend system is: use FES hub deployment with AS ABAP 7.50 for FES.

For S/4HANA: use embedded deployment. If you choose FES hub deployment, use AS ABAP 7.51 or 7.52.

For detailed information, see blog Fiori Deployment Recommendations  and Release Information Notes for the deployed Fiori Apps.



Additional Information

2219596 Central Note for SAP Fiori Front-End Server 2.0

2355644 Central Note for SAP Fiori Front-End Server 3.0 (incl. Fiori 2.0)

2484979 SAP-Fiori-Frontend-Server 4.0 – General Information

2618605 – SAP-Fiori-Frontend-Server 5.0 – General Information

2217489 – Maintenance and Update Strategy for SAP Fiori Front-End Server


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  • Hello Oliver,

    We have a central hub gateway system running on NW 750 SP0009 (SAP_UI and SAP_GWFND both on 750 SP0009).

    We want to know whether we can have the SAP Belize theme for launching classic Web Dynpro ABAP tiles from the Fiori launchpad without upgrading the SAP_UI component to version 751.



    • Hub multi-backend deployment: Deployment in one FES client for multiple backends. Only possible, if the software components for the Fiori apps are different and do not interfere each other.

    Meaning I cannot have a single FES with Fiori Launchpad to link to the same Fiori app (two tiles with different target alias) on different backend systems? What is your source for this?

    • no, it means that you cannot deploy two different software component versions of the same software component in one AS ABAP. And Fiori Apps are delivered as AS ABAP software components.

      You can use external links.

  • Hello Oliver,

    Currently what I understand is that FIORI Launchpad Site can be deployed on HANA XS directly from SAP Web IDE. Then we do not need 'SAP NetWeaver AS for ABAP' for running FIORI Launchpad on HANA XSA, since HANA XSA is the run time environment for Fiori Launchpad and FIORI Front End Server is not required. Is this understanding correct ?

    If yes, then what would be the FIORI version and how can we use features of FIORI 2.0 such as Notification Centre.

    Best Regards,


  • FLP is available on many platforms. In general FES or SAP Fiori Cloud is required if you want to deploy SAP Fiori apps from SAP. For  a list see Fiori Apps Library.  I am not aware of any apps, which only need HANA XS and FLP, but I dont know all of them. Best you check the implementation information for your Fiori apps. Notification always require Gateway foundation 7.51 or higher (docu). Again, could be that there are meanwhile also other implementations, My focus is FES.

    For custom development of Apps, using Fiori themes and/or design principles, you are of course free to setup your landscape as you need it.

  • Hello,

    I have a basic question on updating/upgrading a central hub FES. The connected backend system is a business suite that wont be updated at the moment.

    The FES currently has v4.0 SPS02 and SAP_UI 752 SPS03. We have a request to update the FES "to the latest possible version". As far as I can see I could upgrade the FES to any new version, for example 5.0 or even 6.0 - BUT I'd like to know how to find out, which combination of FES-componentes makes sense with the current version of backend-componens in the business suite?

    So how to I approach this update request (or in general) correctly without just blindy updating the FES to see what happens after? 😉

    Regards + Thanks in advance

      • Hello Oliver,

        sorry for the late answer and thanks for yours ?

        What do you mean writing “WRT hub deployment take choose your AS ABAP depending on your backend version.”?

        Unfortunately it does not really answer my question or am I misunderstanding you? I’d like to know how to well-fund approach an update request in general? Quite often customers request answers that are based on a SAP document or so.

        Can you help me out on that?



      • General rule for the Appication Server ABAP on which the FES 6.0 in hub deployment case is deployed on, is: Take the same version as your backend has, but at least 7.51.

  • Dear all,


    I've some doubts regarding FES and BW/4 HANA, since on note 2733740 that says “"...The usage of  BW/4HANA 2.0 as Frontend Server is not supported...", except (according to BW/4HANA Cockpit.
    Nevertheless if we have also BW/4 HANA 2.0 with BPC 11.1, there are some additional FIORI apps like those showed in (

    Conclusion, since on FES manuals there is nothing related with BW/4HANA, can we have and embedded FIORI SERVER of the BW/4HANA for BW/4HANA Cockpit as well BPC 11.1 FIORI apps or we should have a separeted FIORI server?



    Joao Paulo Reis