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This page is used to collect frequently asked questions related to SAP Data Hub, developer edition. We will update it regularly.

Where do I find the SAP Data Hub, developer edition?

You find an overview in this blog post. And you can get started by looking at this tutorial.

Can the developer edition be used with Docker Toolbox?

Yes, you can run the SAP Data Hub, developer edition with Docker Toolbox (although we recommend to use Docker for Windows respectively Docker for Mac, since Docker Toolbox is considered a legacy solution).

  • Ensure that the Linux VM used to run Docker is sufficiently sized (at least 2 cores, recommended 4 cores, 8 GB of RAM). You can adjust the sizing via Virtualbox.
  • Publishing the services running inside the Docker container to (localhost) does not work. Instead you can publish and access them to the docker-machine ip.

CONNECTION ERROR: [ODBC Driver]Invalid user ID or password

Ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of SAP Data Hub, developer edition from SAP Store (your download must be newer than December 6, 2017, 3pm).

ERROR: could not handle api call, failure reason : execution of scheduler plan failed

If this error occurs while storing data in SAP Vora (during turorial Store sensor data in SAP Vora), check that you have correctly maintained the connection between the Kafka Consumer operator and the ToString Converter operator.

You need to connect the message port of the Kafka Consumer operator to the ininterface port of the ToString Converter operator.

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  1. Chris Bethune

    Hello, I was able to successfully setup SAP Data Hub as covered in the tutorial at and the status loop seems to be running as expected.

    However, I am not able to access any of the URLs from step 5 Smoke Test

    http://localhost:8090 (SAP Data Hub – Data Pipelines)
    http://localhost:9099 (Apache Zeppelin)
    http://localhost:9225 (SAP Vora Tools)
    http://localhost:50070 (Apache Hadoop User Interface)

    I suspect there are some changes I need to make in the Virtual Box network settings.

    I did notice that an IP of is created in the Docker containter while observing the status loop so I tried with this IP instead of localhost but still get a “Site Cannot Be Reached – ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED” error when trying to navigate to the URLs.

    I have also tried changing the network adapters one at a time to use Bridged Mode.  The default settings created in Virtual Box are:

    Adapter 1:   NAT

    Adapter 2:   Host Only Adapter (Virtual Box Host Only Ethernet Adapter #3)

    Any advice on what I need to modify so that I am able to access the URL’s and start working with Data Hub?

    I am using Docker Toolbox since I am running Windows 7.

  2. Ayman Salem
    in Host Only Adapter (Virtual Box Host Only ...) check which address you use, and also check that Host Only Adapter is active

    And when you run the docker you must use --publish ex_port:port,  (ex: --publish 50001:8090: Here the port 8090 of the container will be mapped to port 50001).

    Then, to access the “Data Hub”  use


    I hope that will help you.


  3. Serge Muts

    Hi Chris,

    let me know if Ayman’s solution works.

    Here is what worked for me based on changes to the documented step 4:

    1. find the docker-machine ip address:

    $ docker-machine ip

    2. Publish using the docker-machine ip address:

    $ docker run -ti –publish –publish –publish –publish –name datahub –hostname datahub –network dev-net datahub run –agree-to-sap-license –hdfs –zeppelin


    Now these work:



    1. Chris Bethune


      I ended up getting it running using your process here and the issued IP address.  I may either set it to permanent or reconfigure for DHCP.   First I need to try and acquire more RAM for my laptop so I can run it without risking a crash.  I wanted to prove out I could get it running before investing in hardware upgrades.   🙂

  4. Ayman Salem

    I just want to add that the “IP address” was assigned by the DHCP server it may vary in another installation of VirtualBox.

    • make sure that the DHCP server is active for the “VirtualBox Host-Only Adapter” that you are using for the “default” VM.

    So, you can also run the datahub without IP in the command.

    here’s what I’m using:

    $ docker run -ti –publish 50000:9225 –publish 50001:8090 –publish 50002:9099 –publish 50070:50070 –publish 8500:8500 –publish 14000:14000 –name devedition –hostname devedition –net dev-net datahub run –agree-to-sap-license –hdfs –zeppelin




  5. Abdelkader Abdelaziz

    Hi Thorsten,

    Thanks for the tutorial, I was able to run it until the last

    step :

    where i get the following message :

    “Error during init of ‘’: failed to ping SQL connection with DSN v2://vora:2202/?binary=true: timeout. Please ensure host is up and reachable”

    It seems that port 2202 is not working. any hint how to debug this issue?






    1. Ayman Salem

      Hallo Abdelkader,


      you can check the status of the Vora services under http://<host/ip address>:8500

      if all services are running, then check the firewall on your system (disable it or allow port access)






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