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Are you still using the Silverlight-based user interface for Business ByDesign? In this blog I will explain why you should switch to the new HTML5-based UI and where you can find all relevant information.

The new HTML5 client features SAP’s award-winning Fiori design and it gives you improved efficiency (e.g. much faster rendering & a Launchpad for fast access). Although the look & feel is different, you will quickly notice that the navigation paradigms are still the same. Be aware that from now on all future innovations are solely going into the HTML5 UI and we even plan to deprecate the Silverlight UI with 1808.

Listen to Rainer Zinow in this video to better understand why now is the right time to start using the HTML5 UI.

Want to learn more about SAP Business ByDesign’s new HTML5 UI?

Need to train your end-users?

You can find training material here

Roadmap to Silverlight client deprecation

  • 1802: HTML is now the standard client for Business ByDesign. This means that all new tenants will be setup to use HTML as the default client unless they are created as a copy from a productive tenant which has Silverlight set as the default.
  • 1805: We plan to switch the default client to HTML for ALL tenants with the 1805 upgrade. This means that – unless the key user changes the default client back to Silverlight – all users will automatically get the HTML5 client when they connect to SAP Business ByDesign.
  • 1808: We plan to deprecate the Silverlight clientwith SAP Business ByDesign release  This means that as of 1808 you can no longer set the default client to Silverlight in the company settings.

Mobile is next

Currently our SAP Business ByDesign mobile apps are a mix of native and HTML-based apps some for the smartphone (iPhone & Android) some for tablet usage (iPad) We are now investing to streamline and renew our smartphone HTML5-based ByDesign mobile apps.

We are currently validating the new SAP Business ByDesign Mobile Player App for Smartphones as a Beta version with selected customers and partners. We hope to achieve general availability of the new ByDesign mobile app with a couple of new apps during 2018.

By the way: even without SAP Business ByDesign Mobile you can of course already use HTML5-based ByDesign via your browser of your mobile devices using the standard URL and login. It is not optimized for mobile and there is no device integration, but if you can live with more scroll bars for the time being it is a nice alternative if you are on the road.

Legal Disclaimer: none of this is a commitment, it is a statement of intention. Possible future developments are subject to change and may be changed at any time for any reason without notice.

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  1. Stefanie Hager Post author

    Hi Mark,

    you can check the exact dates for your upgrades in the Work Center ‘Service Control Center’ view ‘Maintenance’ schedule.

    Test system upgrades for 1805 are scheduled for either 21.4.18 or 28.4.18.

    Productive system upgrades for 1805 are scheduled for either 5.5.18 or 19.5.18

    Test system upgrades for 1808 are scheduled for either 21.7.18 or 28.7.18.

    Productive system upgrades for 1808 are scheduled for either 4.8.18 or 18.8.18

    based on current planning.

    best regards,


  2. Stefanie Hager Post author

    Hi Kazumine,

    yes, you can still access the Silverlight UI with ByD 1805. There are 2 options:

    1. the key user switches the default client back to silverlight. This will then affect all users.
    2. you can bookmark the URL pointing to the silverlight client. For a description on how to do this, please have a look at this blog:

    best regards,


  3. Former Member


    Hi Stefanie,


    Thank you for your information.


    We found a way to access in HTML5 tenant with Silverlight.

    It is add “/sap/public/ap/ui/repository/SAP_UI/Runtime/StartPage.html?app.component=/SAP_UI_CT/Main/root.uiccwoc&rootWindow=X&redirectUrl=/sap/public/byd/runtime” after the URL of the tenant.


    Is this supported by SAP? Is it OK to use it?


    Best regards,


  4. Stefanie Hager Post author

    Hi Kosugi,

    it is ok to use it for the time being. But remember that we plan to deprecate the Silverlight client soon an once it is fully deprecated also this will no longer work.

    best regards,



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