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Please note that Advantage Database Server (ADS) 12 Service Pack 2 (SP2) is now available for download from the SAP Market Place under “Support Packages & Patches”. Please change the platform to # OS INDEPENDENT.

Windows and Linux binaries are included in a single download.

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  1. Wolfgang Hanke


    maybe to find out, what this Service Pack is worth, we should post existing bugs here:

    I reported a bug on Jan 12th 2016, almost two years ago.

    ADS12: Year(SomedateColumn) = xx with Index on SomedateColumn produces no results

    This bug still exists in Version and I report it again so that all users are warned:

    (there is an open support incident with SAP, open since over a year, NO Feedback at all)


    A simple SQL Statement executed in ARC32 like “select * from sometable where year(somedatecolumn) = 2016″ fails if the Table has an index on somedatecolumn.
    SQL to test:

    Create Table BUGTEST(
    ID AutoInc,
    Somedate TimeStamp);

    EXECUTE PROCEDURE sp_CreateIndex90( ‘BUGTEST’, ‘BUGTEST.adi’, ‘PRIMARY’, ‘Somedate’, ”, 2, 1024, NULL );
    insert into BUGTEST (Somedate) VALUES (now());

    select * from BUGTEST where Year(SomeDate) = Year(now())

    This SQL should select one column but it does not! If you change “Year(SomeDate) = Year(now())” to “Year(SomeDate) >= Year(now())” or drop the Index on Somedate it works.

    In all previous versions this worked correct.

    Kind regards,

    Wolfgang Hanke

    1. Michael Loop
      Post author

      If you click on the Related Info pull-down and select Content Info, it will take you to Knowledge Base Article 2571905 with the release notes. This is the same as the Readme.txt file included in the download.

      One detail that was missed is that Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 are now supported platforms.


      Mike Loop
      Senior Support Engineer
      SAP Product Support

        1. Michael Loop
          Post author

          You do need a valid user account to download the SP.

          If you have the SP, you can read the Readme.txt file included in the download.

          Mike Loop
          Senior Support Engineer
          SAP Product Support


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