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Module configuration SOAP – UserToken SAP PI

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Recently came across the this Error (SOAP Response message contains an Error – HTTP 500 Internal server error), Its the general error, but the root case of this error different hence sharing.

Error Details:

We have faced issue while sending the data to receiver services, the receiver channel is SOAP, error shown like below:

SOAP Response message contains an Error – HTTP 500 Internal server error


The error message “SOAP Response message contains an Error” some time occurs for the Sync Interfaces, when the “Response message/ACK not came from the receiver services” but in this case it is a Async interface no response is required.

The root case of the Error:

In the SOAP channel, module configuration done for UserToken, The User taken has UserName and Password values, the channel contains the incorrect  User taken’s UserName and Password. But the error message not exactly showing its the login issue because the login details passed over user token.

Once we update the the User taken’s UserName and Password, its started working and message flown to the receiver services system.

Its a short article, but may be useful for some one who is having this type issue.



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