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Frontend Services – Directory selection restricted to User directory

I recently updated my SAP GUI for Windows to 7.50, and I noticed some quirky things to happen, that didn’t appear in prior releases.

One thing I noticed was affecting the Directory selection of the Frontend services (CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES=>DIRECTORY_BROWSE). It appeared as if my Desktop folder has been set as intial folder, preventing me to traverse up to some more useful folders:

I tinkered a bit around with the Class test tool, and I noticed that, if I provide \ (root directory) as value for parameter INITIAL_FOLDER, I get the Directory selection I was accustomed.

Finally, I invoked method CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES=>DIRECTORY_SET_CURRENT (despite the developer comment to not use), providing value \ for parameter CURRENT_DIRECTORY, and that did the trick.

Now my Directory selection let me select useful folders again:

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  • Sorry for late reply,

    I created this blog back in middle/end September, and never thought it will be published yet by SAP.

    I still use Patch level 2. I noticed that after some time the behavior did "snap back", but now I help myself by typing the complete target folder path directly into the folder input field, which works for me.