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How to delete red request from ADSO SAP BW


There was some issue while deleting red request in ADSO and we tried multiple times to delete the data manually but due to some unknown reasons we are unable to do it manually. After analyzing the issue we followed below steps to delete red request and how to make yellow request to red(Long running job).

Author       : Bala.G.Reddy

Company   : Cognizant Technology solutions.

Created on: 22.11.2017

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I am Bala.G.Reddy working as Senior Associate  at Cognizant Technology Solutions, India. I  joined Cognizant Technology Solutions in 2014 and I have extensively worked on multiple SAP BI implementation and support projects

The procedure here is different than compare to standard DSO.


Scenario 1: How to cancel long running job or from yellow to red status in ADSO?

Go to RSPMREQUEST table and mark filter with Y as highlighted below  and input target ADSO, Don’t select other fields. Execute you see one request in output which is active. After getting output select that request and display so you will see the screen below like this, Then through debug mode change the Y status to RR(This means making request red) and save the record. Check the monitor screen of ADSO request will be marked as red. Then we can delete the request manually.




Scenario 2: How to delete red request from ADSO?

As given below screen shot  there is red request in ADSO, So when we are trying to access monitor(As marked below) it’s going to dump and unable to find the request, But when we check the dump initially it was very difficult to understand where is the issue.  But when we  dig into the dump details somehow we  found the  request number as given below screen shot:

Red request:


Dump and request details:

Now you need to find the request number which is in the dump, For that you need to drill down the dump details find the variable I_REQUID in our example 1491570.



 Once you find the request ID, Go to RSBKREQUEST Table and follow the below steps:

Provide request number which is given in above dump.

 Input only request number and execute you will see  below details.

For the above request below table shows request already successful that means USTTE and TSATE marked as 0. Target state is 2(Successful)





You need to change the below fields as highlighted below through debugging mode and save the entry.

Post you can delete the request from ADSO.


Normal DSO deletion red request you can find documents in SDN but this type of scenario it’s very difficult to find indeed I did not find in SDN, But due to multiple sources and gathered information we  tried above steps and it went successful.


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      Author's profile photo Vandana Goyal
      Vandana Goyal

      Hi Bala,


      I have got this problem many times in BW 7.5 system where the system gives a short-dump if we try to delete red-request from the manage screen and we get the message DTP request is locked while loading new request. This causes all subsequent process chain failure. To solve this problem, I go to DTP menu-> Go to -> DTP Monitor to see all the loaded request status. And you can find the request which we are not able to delete in YELLOW status. Once you change the yellow requests to red, it can be easily deleted from Manage -> select request -> delete.


      Author's profile photo Hitesh Jena
      Hitesh Jena
      1. You can go to Table - RSPMREQUEST to get the Request TSN
      2. Go to Program - RSPM_SET_REQUEST_STATUS
      3. Set the status to red and delete the request.