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#ASUG Webcast: What’s New in Analysis Office 2.6 Recap

Source: SAP

This was an ASUG webcast today.  If you want more Analysis Office webcasts please take our survey today

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Expect GA in 3 weeks

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Legal disclaimer applies

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Some nice features are coming

You can schedule events based on dates

Source: SAP

SAP Analytics Cloud integration started in 2.5; making more use of the HANA engine such as exception aggregation


Source: SAP

You can create a new connection today using Analysis Office 2.5

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

New exception aggregation


Source: SAP

Some limitations are shown above


Source: SAP

BI platform enhancements include launch workbooks stored in BI platform via URL and passing parameters


Source: SAP

Available as of SP5 for BI4.2


Source: SAP

It is possible to reschedule scheduling jobs


Source: SAP

Schedule based on events – you can trigger scheduling jobs in Analysis Office

Source: SAP

Autocomplete enhancement of table design


Source: SAP

You can use VLOOKUP

Source: SAP

You can use full member selector instead of the simple to use search and range options

Source: SAP

Filter by range is possible – has some performance impacts

Source: SAP

Planned for SP1 and BW support package

Source: SAP

Rendering dates Excel natively – and also the chart rendering is correct

Question & Answer

Q: Will the slides be available?

A: Slides are already posted at – please logon to first

Q:How do we connect to BO Universes?

A: you cannot connect to universes; use Live Office for this

Q: when releasing new version of Analysis, do we plan to apply cloud model and premise both ? seems that analysis office 2.6 is the case?

A: not sure I follow- it works with with on-premise and cloud models

Q: When is convergance of Analysis & Live Office planned for?

Q: Can we create variables with “IF” statements in it? Can we move key figures to be amongst the dimensions & not stuck at the end of the table?

A: It should work; similar to VLOOKUP

Q: AFO publication bursting supported yet?

A: yes, part of this presentation – BI4.2 SP5

Q: Can we “rename” dimensions for reporting without going back to the bex query in AO?

A: Yes, already there for quite a while

Q: Is there a way to set AO so it does not fetch all Key Figures/Measures by default? This was easy in BEx but does not exist in AO. It displays all by default

A: BEx – handled in query; if HANA – this defaults; no way around – could use query views

Q: Is there any plan to support parallel data source execution ?

A: can do that already in HANA out of the box; BW does not support it

Q: Not just publication….but bursting like Webi. I must have missed it….

A: bursting = publications; referring to something else?

Q: With BW 7.5 and BEx sunset in 2021, will AO convert workbook b enhanced?

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      Author's profile photo Matthias Schober
      Matthias Schober

      I thought a comment function was planned for 2017 ?

      Author's profile photo Ralf Amann
      Ralf Amann

      Unfortunately previously announced commenting functions seem to be running gags by SAP since several releases 🙂 ...please prove me wrong SAP!

      Author's profile photo Swakshar Choudhury
      Swakshar Choudhury

      Hello Tammy,

      Could you please highlight some benefits from EPM perspective? EPM Addin that comes bundled with AFO 2.6.

      Thanks and Regards,

      Swakshar Choudhury

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Blog Post Author

      Hello - thank you for reading and replying; I don't work on the EPM side so I don't feel comfortable covering it.  You can check the SAP Help for updates at

      Author's profile photo Swakshar Choudhury
      Swakshar Choudhury

      Okay, thanks Tammy