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Deploy a Fiori app in SAP Fiori


  • Here we see the process to deploy a custom UI5 application in SAP-Fiori (Front-End) server.
  • Custom UI5 application is been developed using Eclipse
  • This blog is part of below parent blog:


Steps to deploy UI5 Application:

[1] Prepare UI5 Application for deployment

  • Modify url in ‘connectivity.js’
    • AS for testing the app in local environment, we provide OdataService url with host/port
    • but when application is ready to deploy, then we do not need ‘host/port’ details in OdataService urls,
    • So we comment those details and save the project.
  • Extract ‘WebContent’ files of UI5 Applcation
    • Content present in folder ‘WebContent‘ is only required to for deplyement in Fiori-Server
    • During app deployment, while selecting location of UI5 app’s ‘WebContent’ folder, Either we can refer same eclipse work-space location or extract it in some other folder.


[2] Upload in SAP-Fiori (front-end) server

Once UI5 application ‘ZTEST_APP’ gets created, we need to host/deploy it in SAP-Fiori server.

Details required to deploy the app are as follows:

  • System       SAP-Fiori (front-end) server
  • T-code        ‘SE38’
  • Report        ‘/UI5/UI5_REPOSITORY_LOAD’
  • RButton      ‘Upload’

Below steps can be followed to deploy custom UI5 app:

  • Go to t-code ‘SE38’ -> Execute report ‘/UI5/UI5_REPOSITORY_LOAD’
  • Execute the program.
  • Post execution, in next window enter a name of UI5 application, and select radio button ‘Upload’
  • Press ‘Execute’ button
  • In next pop-up window, select ‘WebContent’ folder location of UI5 application
  • Once folder gets selected -> scroll down in sap-page ->press on ‘Click here to Upload’ ->
  • Post click pop-up appears -> select package, here I am selecting temporary package
  • In Next each pop-up, click on ‘Allow’ button
  • Once application gets uploaded properly, we can seen success upload message as below:
  • Thus custom UI5 application ‘ZTEST_App‘ gets deployed in SAP-Fiori Server


[3] Verify deployed UI5 application

  • Post deployment, we should cross check deployed UI5 app with below details:
    • System        SAP-Fiori (front-end) server
    • T-code        ‘SICF’
    • Path            ‘/default_host/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/’
    • UI5 App       ztest_app
  • It should be activated, if not then right click on app name -> selct ‘Activate’.
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