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Register OData Service in SAP Fiori Server


  • Here we see the process to activate and register custom Odata Service in SAP-Fiori (Front-End) server.
  • Odata Service ‘ZTEST_ODATA’ is been created/defined in t-code ‘SEGW’ of SAP-Fiori, as can be seen in below screen:
  • This blog is part of below parent blog:


Steps to Activate/Register OData Service:

[1] System Alias Maintainance

We can configure ‘system alias‘ Alias using below details:

  • T-Code    SPRO
  • Path         ‘SAP Reference IMG’ -> SAP Customizing Implementation Guide -> SAP NetWeaver -> SAP Gateway -> OData Channel -> Configuration -> Connection Settings -> SAP Gateway to SAP System -> Manage SAP System Aliases

In SAP-Fiori (Front-End) System, we need to configure two ‘system alias‘ Alias:

  1. System Alias for SAP-Fiori (Front-End) System: ‘Local’
    • Local System alias is required to refer objects of same system
    • Below settings needs to be configured in ‘Manage SAP System Aliases’ window
    • Here check boxes ‘Local GW‘ & ‘For Local App‘ should be checked.
  2. System Alias for SAP-ECC (Back-End) System
    • This system alias is required to refer objects of for SAP-ECC (Back-End) System
    • Below settings needs to be configured in ‘Manage SAP System Aliases’ window
    • Enter RFC-Destination and check boxes ‘Local GW‘ & ‘For Local App‘ should be un-checked.
    • RFC-Destination should have enabled ‘Current-User’ logon settings

[2] Activate ICF node of OData Service

  • In SAP-Fiori (fron-end server) use following details:
    • T-Code   ‘SICF’
    • Path        ‘/default_host/sap/opu/odata/sap/’
    • service     ZTEST_ODATA
    • steps        right click -> select ‘Activate’
  • This ICF node can be activated during service registration also.

[3] Register OData Service

  • To register Odata service for accessibility in UI5 application, In SAP-Fiori (fron-end server) use following details:
    • T-Code   ‘/n/iwfnd/maint_service’
  • Opened windows shows list of registered services
  • Click on button ‘Add Service’ to proceed with new service registrations
  • In next window, to get un-registered service list of same fiori system,
  • select System Alias ‘Local’ -> click on button ‘Get Services’
  • From the unregistered service list, select desired service
  • and click on button ‘Add Selected Service’
  • In appear pop-up click select input detaisl as shown in below scree and here enter your desired package, for example purpose $TMP
  • Click ok in next pop-up
  • Once service gets registered, we can view it in t-code ‘/n/iwfnd/maint_service’ within registered list
  • For testing the service, either select service as in above screen and click on button ‘SAP Gatway Client’ or go to t-code ‘/n/iwfnd/gw_client’
  • Please note:
    • Post registration of Odata Service, its name gets a postFix like “_SRV“, for e.g. in our case, Odata-Service gets registered with name ‘ZTEST_ODATA_SRV’
    • And service definition name is ‘ZTEST_ODATA’

[4] Test OData Service

  • For testing registerd OdataService, in SAP-Fiori (fron-end server) use following details:
    • T-Code ‘/n/iwfnd/gw_client’
  • Enter Service url patterns like:
    • To check Service registration Status, try service url as below
    • /sap/opu/odata/sap/ZTEST_ODATA_SRV/?$format=xml
    • To get complete metadata structure of OData Service, try service url as below
    • /sap/opu/odata/sap/ZTEST_ODATA_SRV/$metadata
  • Status Code ‘200’ and reason ‘OK’ with green color response layout represents everything is ok.

[5] Error Log Monitoring

  • To view error logs OdataService in SAP-Fiori (fron-end server), go to T-Code ‘/n/iwfnd/error_log’
  • Here we can identify root cause and possible action also been suggested in case of standard error
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  • Hi Dilip,

    Thanks for the blog and instructions. Very useful. I was able to add the service in /n/iwfnd/maintain_service but I`m not able to activate the SICF service. In fact, the service was not even created. Do I need to create the SICF service manually?


    Thank you,