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Change-Reset-Forgot B1Site User Password in SAP Business One 9.2 Using SAP Service Manager

Change B1SiteUser Password in SAP Business One 9.2

Using SAP Service Manager

The B1 Site User Password can’t be recovered, but can be overwritten.

How can I reset the B1 Site User Password?

From your work-machine, open as administrator SAP Service Manager.

Change the Service Type from SBO DI Server to License Manager

Then click Settings button.

A new window will show up as “General Settings”, you’ll click on the Configure Security button.

This window will take you to Google Chrome browser where you’ll work locally with this URL:
https://your server name : your portal number/ControlCenter/

In this window you have to put your Site User Name and Password.
which will be by default:

User Name: B1SiteUser
Password: SiteUser

After you put your correct credentials, you’ll see the following screen;

Move to Security & Logging tap > Site User Management > Change B1SiteUser Password.

Then put your current B1SiteUser Password and the new one, then type it again for confirmation purposes.



When you’re opening System Landscape Directory (SLD) from your browser, you may be unable to open the window, because your work-machine attention you that your connection is not secure to this site, because of the SSL security.

To solve it, you can just confirm that your connection is secure to move forward to the wanted window SLD, because you’re not working on Internet but locally 🙂


In case we forgot the password of B1SiteUser, what shall we do?

Open SLD – System Landscape Directory – > click on Forgot Password?

now we should fill out the following required fields to reset the password;

  • Server Name, (Server Name / Server IP)
  • Database User Name
    (preferable to user the Database System Administrator User Name)
  • Database User Password,
    (preferable to user the Database System Administrator User Password)
  • Site New Password
  • Confirm Site New Password

And now we all set 🙂 …


to download the complete documentation,

Reset/Forgot/Change the B1SiteUser Password Site User in SAP Business One 9.2

for your inquiries or suggestions, please feel free to reach me out,


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  • Dear Kenan Jaddeny,

    Thank you for the article! I am wondering if B1SiteUser and B1iadmin linked to each other. Does B1iadmin runtime user get deactivated if I failed to login with B1SiteUser more than 5 times and it gets blocked?

    Best Regards,

    Hyunsun Park

    • Dear Hyunsun Park

      there's no relationship between the B1SiteUser (System Landscape Directory) and the (Integration Framework User) B1iadmin, if one of them is locked that won't affect the other's functionality,



  • Dear Kenan,

    Allow me some additional remarks:

    • There shouldn't be any default password for the B1SiteUser, it's set by the user at installation.
    • Generally, I'd like to refer to the official SAP documentation as well, here the SAP Business One Administrator's Guide (or other corresponding versions). Updating the password is also explained there, #67. The full documentation gives the reader comprehensive information and context, and an easy way to read something else interesting (such as using SSO for SLD) or to record other things. Of course, such blogs are helpful in illustrating an issue easily.
    • While illustrating this topic, SAP Note - B1SiteUser password with special characters leads to component installation failure should also be mentioned/brought to reader’s attention, as docu does: “For details on which special characters are not allowed for a site user password, see SAP Note 2330114.”.

    Thanks, Peter

  • Hi Kenan,

    I'm trying to follow your method to reset the password (not known anymore)

    But doing so, when trying to reset. I'm getting a message

    "Reset Password Failed". Any idea why?

    My SQL user is sysadmin. It shouldn't be a problem of authorization.

    Thx for your help.




    I have installed SAP B1 10 SQL version and everything has been installed correctly.

    But, When I go to System Landscape Directory page and enter username "B1SiteUser" and password, the system says incorrect user. Now how I can find the correct username? I have also tried to enter username in lowercase because I am using SQL version, but the problem still persists.

    Really appreciate your help on this.


    Khurram Shairyar

    • Hi Khurram Shairyar,

      try the following steps:

      • Uninstall Server Tools from Control Center
      • Delete the SAP files from %temp% files
      • Delete the SLDModel.SLDData
      • Reinstall the SLD

      hope this helps =)