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Spatial Enthusiasts!

The purpose of this page is to provide you with the one-stop-shop for helpful resources for your journey with SAP HANA Spatial. The page will be updated as needed. If you have a recommendation which is missing from here, by all means, please comment. We also offer an interactive workshop, Spatial Innovation Academy. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Learning resources

SAP HANA Spatial Marketing and Events site

Discover SAP spatial solutions, announcements and events from the website. The short link is

SAP HANA advanced analytics 

Brief overviews of SAP HANA advanced analytics capabilities and additional links. Did you know that HANA supports a wide range of advanced analytics capabilities? Many customers start with spatial. Why? Because your data already has the location data, just like your data has the time data. Soon, customers learn that HANA provides engines for machine-learning, predictive, graph, text, search, time series, and streaming analysis making “connected business” a reality.

Open SAP for SAP HANA Spatial

Delivered by Former Member who kindly breaks down key spatial concepts and different components of HANA Spatial for you.

SAP HANA Spatial YouTube Playlist

A collection or marketing and product videos about SAP HANA Spatial solutions

Spatial processing with SAP HANA video 

White-board style YouTube video of SAP HANA overview (7mins18 seconds) recorded in 2013.

SAP HANA Academy – HANA Spatial YouTube Playlist

Goes into more technical details of concepts and functions with code examples. Recommended for intermediate to expert level. If this is advanced, you may consider SAP HANA Developer tutorial or Open SAP for SAP HANA Spatial first. 


SAP HANA Spatial Services Landing Page (on SAP Cloud Platform site) – NEW in 2018!

SAP HANA Spatial Services is a micro-service based spatial analytics services that offer business-ready APIs to integrate into your location-aware applications. Powered by SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANA Spatial Services pre-processes complex or advanced data such as satellite imagery, weather data or earth surface data to help you discover hidden insights and drive business decisions.

SAP HANA Performance

The two documents are similar in content but has a different structure and hosted on two different sites.



SAP and Esri integration resources

SAP and Esri Partnership Video – 2017

What does SAP and Esri Partnership mean for the customers and how we work together to help our customers gain intelligent insights

Esri + SAP Integration Story map – Unlock a whole new world of insights

Discover business and technical benefits of Esri and SAP integration on an Esri story map

SAP and Esri integration common questions

An interactive SCN blog to answer commonly asked questions about how SAP and Esri solutions integrate and what is supported. It also contains additional links to Esri’s questions-and answer-pages and help guides

Esri website for SAP HANA

The official landing page for Esri support for SAP HANA

Leveraging SAP HANA and ArcGIS

A great slide deck prepared by Esri experts summarising Esri ArcGIS support for SAP HANA

Helpful blogs

SAP and Esri platform strategy for Utilities – 2018 Esri España User Conference keynote – in Spanish

Listen to Juan Herranz, Industry Manager Executive Telecom & Utilities, Esri España and Jordi Masip, SAP Utilities Industry Leader present how SAP and Esri help customers simplify, accelerate and innovate on the integrated platform.

SAP + Esri Hackathon: Coding with a purpose

SAP and Esri held the first joint hackathon in 2018 at the Esri Developer Summit! See following resources for more details.

Let us know if you’d like to discuss the use cases and final demos in more detail.

Try out!


SAP HANA, express edition

Download and use up to 32GB free of charge. Fees apply for additional usage. You can run it on your laptop or in a virtual environment on-premise or cloud. Especially handy if you need an environment easily accessible to you to try out spatial functionality, follow tutorials, do sample development, or connect Esri and other GIS tools to HANA.

SAP HANA Spatial Help

Official SAP HANA Spatial reference guide. It is especially useful if you need to look up different functions and capabilities.

SAP HANA Developer tutorial

A step-by-step tutorial. The tutorials are more recommended for hands-on learners whereas the OpenSAP courses are appropriate for both hands-on and non-hands-on learning experience.

SAP HANA Interactive Education (SHINE)

A demo application that makes it easy to learn how to build native SAP HANA applications. The demo application, delivered with SAP HANA in a special delivery unit (DU), comes complete with sample data and design-time developer objects for the application’s database
tables, data views, stored procedures, OData, and user interface.

SAP HANA Spatial Services APIs

Get started on your innovation journey with SAP HANA Spatial Services. SAP API Business Hub provides an easy, risk-free access to play with the APIs. See the learning resources for the comprehensive list of materials to help you get started.

SAP Cloud Platform


SAP Analytics Cloud trial

SAP Analytics Cloud is a SaaS-based Analytics tool for BI, Planning, and Predictive. It includes location analytics among many features. The location analytics features run natively on HANA Spatial and use Esri JS API.

SAP HANA and Esri ArcGIS Pro trial offer


  • An ArcGIS Pro trial, including access to ArcGIS Online
  • SAP HANA, express edition.
  • Esri Demographic sample dataset.
  • Tutorials for working with SAP HANA data in ArcGIS Pro.


SAP Partner applications

SAP App Center

The ultimate marketplace for SAP Partner applications.



SAP Industries page

Esri Industries page


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  1. Former Member

    Hi Sharon,

    It seems like you would need an on-premise HANA or local HXE installed to work with/process Spatial data. Curious to know if I could use this with my trial version on SAP Cloud Platform?


  2. Sharon Om
    Post author

    Hi Alex


    SAP Cloud Platform should also work in general. We have a customer using SCP. I am not sure if there is any limitation on the trial version. Please check it out for your license type and if you don’t find it, I will try to follow up and confirm.

    1. Former Member

      Hi Sharon,

      I haven’t found anything saying I can/cannot use Spatial with the trail version of SCP. I have not used Spatial before but it looks like I may need to download and import delivery units into HANA for some kind of map client and metadata installer to work with spatial data (OpenSAP course you linked above – Week 1 Unit 4). If this is the case, maybe it’s not possible? I’d appreciate any other thoughts/ideas you have on this.



      1. Sharon Om
        Post author

        Hi Former Member

        It looks like there are two ways to do this

        (1) Through SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit

        (2) Through the SAP HANA Studio, if you have a copy

        I will post the instruction and let you know.

  3. Sharon Om
    Post author

    I have updated the blog with the latest and greatest information including our new release of SAP HANA Spatial Services. Enjoy!


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