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In this blog I want to introduce some of the new features we provide with SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP06. Below you can find the video which includes the following new features:

  • Icon support for numeric tiles
  • Performance improvements for table controls
  • Auto-refresh
  • Interaction between drill-down views
  • Color definition based on standard Fiori color palette
  • Support of additional chart types
  • Filter icon highlighted in case filter is set

Icon support for numeric tiles

For numeric tiles it’s now possible to select an icon that will be shown within the tile. The selection is based on the standard SAPUI5 icon library.

Performance improvements for table controls

Especially for huge data sets we faced issues with the performance in case all data records are loaded at once. In order to avoid this issue we introduced paging for table controls. In that case only the first data records are loaded and displayed in the table control. If you scroll down the additional data records are loaded from the backend. This way we can improve the performance concerning the initial loading and display of tables.


With SP05 it is already possible to define an auto-refresh in minutes in the configuration of the Dashboard Builder. With SP06 we provide now the possibility for end users to disable the auto-refresh and to change the refresh interval.

Interaction between drill-down views

If you use multiple Drill-Down views in a detail page you can now jump from one drill-down view to another one passing over the filter. For example you have a drill-down that shows the number of Incidents per priority in a column chart. If you click on a column (e.g. Priority “Very high”) you get a pop-over where you can select the drill-down view where you want to jump to.

In the example above we choose the drill-down view “Per status per week”. In that case the selection (priority “Very high”) will be passed over as filter to the drill-down view “Per status per week”. You always see the current context and the selections in the header of the page. Using the header you can also navigate back to the previous drill-down view.

Color definition based on standard Fiori color palette

In SP06 it was already possible to define colors for charts based on a color picker control. Now we provide the option to choose the colors based on the standard Fiori color palette. In the example below we use the sequential color palette for visualize the priorities from dark blue to light blue.

This is how the result looks like in a bar chart.

Support of additional chart types

For the dashboard tiles and the drill-down views we support now additional chart types. Below you can find a list with all visualizations that can be selected:

  • 100% Stacked Bar chart
  • 100% Stacked Column chart
  • Bar chart
  • Column chart
  • Combination chart (Column and Line)
  • Donut chart
  • Heatmap
  • Horizontal Stacked Combination chart
  • Horizontal Waterfall chart
  • Line chart
  • Micro-Column chart
  • Micro-Comparison chart
  • Micro-Line chart
  • Number-based
  • Pie Chart
  • Stacked Column chart
  • Stacked Combination chart
  • Table
  • Waterfall chart

Filter icon highlighted in case filter is set

In some cases it is not clear whether a global filter is set (either as a default value defined in the configuration or if a filter was set by the end user). With SP06 we highlight the filter icon in the header in case any filter is applied.

In case you have feedback to the new features or if you have any suggestion to further improve the Dashboard Builder, please let me know (just add a comment below the blog). I’m also more than happy to answer your questions.

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    1. Thomas Paulus Post author

      You can define an anonymous login to the dashboard by setting the user id and password in the transaction SICF. The following services are related to the Dashboard Builder:

      • dsh_builder_ui5

      It could be that additional UI services used by the Dashboard Builder need to be set accordingly.

      Best regards, Thomas

        1. Thomas Paulus Post author

          No, there should be no restart required. Maybe there is another service that needs to be considered in the transaction sicf. I would suggest to create an Incident so that my colleagues can check it and support you.

  1. Babu Subramaniam

    Thanks for the detailed blog.  This is very good.  In your earlier blog you have referred that fiori tiles cannot be included in the personal dashboard and to use the dashboard URL for the end user consumption of these tiles.   Can you tell me where I get this URL.  I tried to open the ‘View Mode’ that is next to Global Filters, to see if this URL can be given to end users, but however the page results in a blank page (both in blue crystal and high contrast black).  I have tested this in IE and Chrome but same blank page.  Can you tell me how to generate a URL for end user?  I am in SP04.

      1. Babu Subramaniam

        Thanks again.

        Below is the URL that is opened in a separate browser when I click the view mode.


        SICF Service ‘dsh_builder_ui5’ is already active..

        There is no http request error.  As soon as I click the view mode, I see a separate browser opened with that URL with blue screen that has SAP Logo and the User Preference Icon.  In the content area it is just a blank blue screen.  From an authorization perspective, the user I use is a powerful user which was used to build these tiles.


        1. Thomas Paulus Post author

          We would need to check the requests on gateway-side. If you haven’t done so, please create an Incident, so that my colleagues can check and analyze the issue.

          Best regards, Thomas

  2. Oscar Maina

    Hello Paul,

    Thanks to your blog I have made steps in using SAP dashboard builder. I got this issue while creating a standard tile using KPI catalog. The Catolog is blank, what could be the issue? see attached screenshot.




  3. Axel Börke

    Hi Thomas,


    thanks a lot for your informative blogs regarding ITSM Dashboard. We have just implemented a custom Dashboard using Badi and are very happy with the results!

    Once question – is it somehow possible to show a timestamp of the current system time of the dashboard? Background: We are on SP04 and are doing the auto-refresh using a Chrome Plugin.

    It would be nice to see that the data that is shown is actually up-to-date, otherwise e.g. lets assume the system freezes, you wouldnt be able to tell that it’s not showing current data anymore.

    1. Thomas Paulus Post author

      Hi Axel,

      thank you. I agree, it would make sense to show the current system time for dashboards that have an auto-refresh enabled. I will add this to our backlog. Once I know in which SP we can provide it, I can inform you.

      Maybe as a workaround in SP04 you could create a BAdI that just provides the sy-uzeit and maybe just a constant 1 as key figure so that you could use it in a tile. This would e.g. look like this:

      I hope this helps. Thanks again for your comment, we are always interested in feedback and further improvements.

      Best regards, Thomas

        1. Thomas Paulus Post author

          Hi Axel,

          you’re welcome. We also plan to show the current system time in the header area in case an auto-refresh is enabled for a dashboard with SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP07.

          Best regards, Thomas

  4. Anton Malaiko

    Hello Thomas, in Dushboard Builder in  Change Management category i find dushboar analitycs in charm, how can i add this dushboar to home page in fiori lunchpad or in change management catalog? When i try edit home page and seek this dushboard in change management category i did’t find it.


    1. Thomas Paulus Post author

      Hello Anton,

      not all dashboards are available in the change management catalog in the Launchpad by default. But you can add predefined or newly created dashboards to the SAP Solution Manager Launchpad yourself. You can find some information on how to do it in this blog.

      In the Dashboard Builder you only need the URL in the view mode and then you can create new tiles in the Launchpad like described in the blog.

      Let me know in case of questions.

      Best regards, Thomas


    Thanks Thomas, nice to see such flexibility in Dashboard Builder.

    Would like to understand if below few things can be done using Dashboard Builder

    1) Change Control Analytics shows reporting based on Transaction Type like ZMHF,ZMMJ etc. Rather than transaction type, can we display similar results based on Description of Transaction type like Urgent Change, Normal Change etc.

    2) Also can we filter based on category wised Change Documents and further detailed drill down if possible.

    Piyush Jain

    1. Thomas Paulus Post author

      Hi Pijush,

      1. Yes, you can display also the description of the transaction types. In order to do so you have to change the BW Infoobject properties in the Query Designer so that the description is displayed by default. The technical name of the InfoObject is 0SPRTTYPE.
      2. Generally you can use the global filter to filter on all available characteristics. This depends on which characteristics are included in the underlying BW Query. Also you can use the Drilldown-Views or the Smart view for further drill down. You can also check in the KPI catalog which KPI’s and which characteristics are available.

      Let me know in case of additional questions.

      Best regards, Thomas


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