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SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer – February 2018 Release – Planned Timeline & Pre-Release Briefing Details

Dear Community,

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer is close to release its February 2018 (1802) version. Please find below a visual timeline for the release and upgrade. We have also added the 1711 Hotfix schedule along with the other important dates.

Please note: The Hotfix dates only represent HFC release dates. HFC will be deployed in the customer system in immediate next Contractual Maintenance Period (CMP).


Pre-Release Webinar

We will host a pre-release webinar on Tuesday, January 16, 2018. Please find below the date-time and conference details for these webinars.


SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer 1802 Release Briefing – Platform & Integration

Time: 3 – 4 PM CET


Meeting number (access code): 705 910 373

Meeting password: C4C1802_1


SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer 1802 Release Briefing – Sales

Time: 4 – 5 PM CET


Meeting number (access code): 701 404 247

Meeting password: C4C1802_2 


SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer 1802 Release Briefing – Service & Industries (Utilities)

Time: 5 – 6 PM CET


Meeting number (access code): 700 147 185

Meeting password: C4C1802_3


+44-203-478-5289 Call-in toll number (UK)

0800-051-3810 Call-in toll-free number (UK)


Global call-in numbers:

Toll-free dialing restrictions:

Can’t join the meeting? Contact support here:



SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Team


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  • Dear Mahuya,

    I am looking for 1802 release pre release documents where I can estimate changes/Upgrades and upcoming features too. is there any official documents which is currently available? Please let me know . Many thanks in advance!


    Best Regards,

    Suman Pattnaik

    • Hi Suman Pattnaik, 

      Our What's New guide is the only release documents that gives you an official overview of whatever is available in the new release. But the 1802 guide will be published only around Feb 2. Unfortunately, we do not publish any pre-release document. The webinars are your best bet for this. You will hear it from the product managers directly. Also, the videos and presentations will become available a couple of days after the webinar. That's still 2 weeks before our what's new document is published.



      • Hi Mahuya,

        Thanks a ton for quick reply and update. appreciate it. I had a vision on possible next release impact analysis on different modules to counter any bottleneck issues. However, Thanks for your input. Now I would be left with just couple of days before the release to address business community for any possible case if identified. I will take the chance, However, I would really appreciate if this can be considered at least a month before any possible outline(Document) could be provided to this community to analyze release impact. This would come as a handy for those who are having go live and roll outs in nearby future dates.

        Thanks again.

        Best Regards,

        Suman Pattnaik

  • Hi,

    For integration with ERP we needed to upgrade add-on CODERINT in ERP to stay up to date with the new releases of C4C.  Now for S4HANA the integration capabilities has been moved from CODERINT to S4CORE. Does it mean that component S4CORE must be upgraded for this and every new C4C-release?

    That will be a far bigger upgrade, as the S4CORE-component contains all core S4-functionality.


    Kenneth Eriksen

    • Hi Kenneth,

      there is no need to upgrade the ERP CODERINT add-on with a new C4C release. Here is what the documentation says: "Each C4C Cloud release comes with a new support package of the ECC add-on that may contain additional functionality to enable new integration scenarios. An upgrade to a newer version of the add-on is only required if you plan to enable one of these new integration scenarios after the Cloud upgrade. "

      Same holds true for the S4CORE component. You only need to upgrade the S4CORE component if you plan to use a new C4C - S4 integration scenario that becomes available with this new release combination.

      Hope that answers your question


  • Hi @Mahuya,

    I am getting an error message after I created an account , "Your ID has been disabled" ,

    Cant i use my SCN id to log in the meeting? and are there any recorded videos of this meeting which we can access later?