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How to become a certified consultant for ‘Management Accounting in SAP S/4HANA’?

The academy and eAcademy for Management Accounting in SAP S/4HANA as well as the associate certification are available in the SAP S/4HANA 1809 version.

If you want to become a certified application consultant for Management Accounting, you can reach this goal without any prerequired experience on SAP ERP. We are offering a direct training path for Management Accounting in SAP S/4HANA, purely basing on SAP S/4HANA 1809 courses and training systems, so any SAP ERP knowledge is not required.

This picture is an extract from the learning journey SAP S/4HANA Finance – ManagementAccounting.

The academy consists of two parts – each part covers two weeks of full-time learning. Both academy parts together cover the five courses listed below – you could alternatively book these individually.

It is recommended to bring along basic business process knowledge on Management Accounting or to attend the course ‘S4F20 Business Processes in Management Accounting’ before you start taking the academy, but this is not a strict precondition.

The first part of the academy (TS4F03) takes two weeks and covers the following courses:

  • S4F22 Cost Center and Internal Order Accounting in SAP S/4HANA
  • S4F23 Product Cost Planning in SAP S/4HANA
  • S4F25 Cost Object Controlling in SAP S/4HANA – (make to stock)

The second part of the academy (TS4F04) takes another two weeks and covers the following courses:

  • S4F25 Cost Object Controlling in SAP S/4HANA – (make to order)
  • S4F28 Profit Center Accounting in SAP S/4HANA
  • S4F29 Profitability Analysis in SAP S/4HANA

Once you have completed the entire training program, you can attempt the certification exam ‘Associate Certification for Management Accounting in SAP S/4HANA (C_TS4CO_1809)’. Usually, the second academy part also includes the exam on its last day – please check the exact description and duration of the event before booking.

The courses as such can also be consumed virtually so you can learn at your own speed and without travelling. The recordings (eLearnings) are available on SAP Learning Hub professional edition.

Beyond the academy and certification – please do not miss to take a look at the overall learning journey that is offered in the area of Management Accounting in SAP S/4HANA. You will find links to learning maps (Early Knowledge Transfer/Stay Current) with delta information on dedicated product versions. You will also find specialized trainings, e.g. for SAP Central Finance, SAP BPC, SAP Product Lifecycle Costing, Group Reporting, and Realtime Consolidation.

If you are already a Management Accounting consultant with project experience on SAP ERP – then you clearly do not want to start your learning journey from scratch. In this case, the better starting point for you is the learning journey ‘Financial and Management Accounting Upskilling for SAP ERP Financials Experts’ along with the included professional certification.

Enjoy your learning journeys and please come back with your questions !

Best regards,

Doris Lindauer
Product Knowledge Portfolio Owner for LOB Finance
SAP Knowledge

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      Hi Bhaskar,

      yes, the certification is a "certification in the cloud" from the beginning on and can be done virtually then. It is planned to be availabel until the end of this year - so if a learner still needs to take the trainings, it is good to start already now 🙂

      Best regards, Doris.


    Dear audience!

    The certification track for 'Management Accounting in SAP S/4HANA' is on its way to SAP S/4HANA 1709!

    Referring to the 5 courses included - 4 of these are already available in the updated version, as a classeoon training. Please check the local eduction offerings in your country.

    The fifth one is expected to be available early in March 2018. The associate certification (C_TS4CO_1709) is planned to be available early in Q2, 2018. As a final step, all eLearnings and the eAcademy should be available until early in May 2018.

    Stay tuned!

    Best regards, Doris

  •  now available: Management Accounting in SAP S/4HANA - eAcademy 

    Please note that the eAcademy for Management Accounting in SAP S/4HANA is now available and can be booked through the Training Shop. This is the direct link to study this offering and book it.

    Besides the course materials and eLearnings, the eAcademy includes system access for a given time interval, so you can do all the exercises yourself! Please find further details in the description of this eAcademy.


    Please note that an update of this certification is on its way. The classroom trainings (and course materials) are already available in the SAP S/4HANA 1709 version. The upgrade of eLearnings and the associate certification, academies and eAcademy are in progress.