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********** Update November 16, 2017 **********

Delivering giggles down to the final submissions, official voting closed as of November 16, 2017 1PM EST. The results show Jeremy Good as our Barcelona caption contest winner, Steve Rumsby in second, and Nic Teunckens in third.

Top Submissions:

Jeremy Good – This touch screen stuff is for the birds…I’m all hooves, and the ‘Show More’ button is driving me maaaaaaad!”

Steve Rumsby – “Capra takes ewesability testing very seriously.”

Nic Teunckens – “Now … Use the HANA Geo Services and Connected Agriculture to focus in on the Best Grass / Leafy Greens area in the region of … let’s say … Barcelona!”

Warm congratulations to Jeremy, and kind thanks to all who submitted, This community has great creativity and humor, and it was my pleasure to read all the submissions.


For those of us who can’t join Capra or the Community Experience Team in Barcelona, I am delighted to announce our concluding 2017 SAP TechEd community caption contest! (If you don’t know Capra yet, she’s our new community mascot and her TechEd adventures are being shared on social media by our community goat herders #goatspotting@community_goat.)

To help bring the excitement of the event to our vibrant online community, this is our third and final caption contest installment. Capra has been front and center in each venue’s cartoon, and the Las Vegas and Bangalore submissions generated giggles galore.

We had 61 caption submissions during the Las Vegas event, 43 during Bangalore. Barcelona, can you do better? Submit your caption and let’s send Capra’s caption career out in style.

How to Participate:

  • Come up with a funny caption to go with the cartoon & publish it as a comment on this post
  • You can enter as many captions as you want — as long as they’re all funny:)
  • Keep it professional — sarcasm is fine, but don’t be mean or creepy, my kiddos will be reading this
  • Vote for your favorite by giving a like to the relevant comment
  • You can vote for as many captions as truly tickle your funny bone
  • The caption that receives the most votes wins!

Caption entries and voting will close on Thursday, November 17 16, 2017 after the last Barcelona educational session at 7PM CET / 1PM EST / 10AM PST. (Edited to correct date.)

While there are no official prizes, you’ll earn epic bragging rights and go down in history for winning the final contest in the first ever SAP TechEd caption contest series. Your caption will be added to the cartoon and shared with the community for all to see. I will also send a printed hard copy with the caption to the winner.

Special thanks to fellow illustrator, Timo Elliott  who inspired me with the first community caption contest in 2015. Much appreciation to my Community Experience Team colleagues who provided the inspiration for the caption contest concepts. I’ve drawn more goats than I could have imagined when our community goat concept took hold!

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  1. Nic Teunckens

    Capra : “Now … Use the HANA Geo Services and Connected Agriculture to focus in on the Best Grass / Leafy Greens area in the region of … let’s say … Barcelona!”

  2. Nic Teunckens

    Capra is finally able to go to the Spanish Town “Castel de Cabra” (loosely translated as “The Castle of Goats” : link) and uses Modern Technology to start the journey : Google Maps, Google Images, … Next Up : an Uber to get her there???

  3. Christopher Solomon

    “SAP’s top secret to remaining the market leader in business software? 3 words…….Goat Usability Testing !!!”


    (*side note, once this secret was revealed, Larry Ellison pronounced at Oracle’s next key note that in fact it was he who came up with GUT years prior and then showed a slide of a bull in a China shop….wtf??!?!?!?)

  4. Christian Braukmüller

    DesignThinkingSession in 2012:

    „Capra, what is your idea for the UI5 design guide?“

    „Oh, I can‘t reach the SAVE button up there. Can you please place it somewhere down here to the right?   I know it‘s weird, but my legs are short.“


  5. Scott Lawley

    With the launch of the new Fiori Hoof Tiles, Billy is now able to complete his online purchase, approve productions orders, and schedule the next shipment.


  6. Kamlesh Kumar Arya

    Capra is in need of someone who can follow his/her  instructions. Because holding hand in this way  could be so much painful for Capra. Let’s hire someone for his assistance.


  7. Frédéric Cincet

    Moshe: I’m telling you, this feature is fully operational.

    Jerry: Yeahh, we can include it in the next support package. Community members will be thrilled.

    Goat: Are you kidding me !!! This face ID isn’t even recognizing me !!!

  8. Aditya Varrier

    Capra: Lot of defects found. ‘Hoof’ (foot of goat) are you guys crazy!!!

    have you seen my ‘hoof’, if I click an option of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, both get clicked. Stop showing that finger on me.

    And where’s the keyboard??

  9. Jürgen L

    Do you think she wrote Thursday, November 17, 2017 deliberately because Thursday 10 AM PST means already November 17 in Japan and Australia?

    1. Caroleigh Deneen
      Post author

      Umh, well… Every goat knows 17 means 16 in BAAAA.

      What would this community do without you Jürgen?!. Thank you for pointing out my mistake. Corrected above.

      The contest really ends Thursday November 16th. That’s one less day – get in your GoatVotes!

  10. Florian Henninger

    *Before the picture*🐐Believe me, I didn’t drink too much at teched, see here. These goat herders took care. We can phone them…


    🐐Why all of you are grinning?

  11. Former Member

    Contest with in a contest

    here too we can create a new contest for selecting a good name

    A. “SAP for Animals” or

    B.”SAP for Domestication”   or

    C.”SAP for Goats” or

    D.”SAP for Cattles”

     best selection will be more appreciated. Thanks in advance for the participation…

    🙂 🙂  pls it is fun competition…

  12. Matt Fraser

    “And this, la-a-adies and gentlemen, is how SA-A-AP Capra will revolutionize the world of agriculture, from Field to Fork.”

    “But, isn’t this just a rebranding of an existing product?”

    “Baa-a-aah! Don’t mention ‘brands,’ please!”

    1. Matt Fraser

      Thanks so much, Caroleigh! You always bring a fun, light-hearted approach to our community, and I for one am grateful for that. Not to mention, your talents are unmatched! 🙂


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