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Author's profile photo Markus Viol

Shortcuts behavior with SAP Business ByDesign Release 1711


In this blog I will explain the differences of the shortcuts handling between the 1708 and the 1711 release of SAP Business ByDesign and especially the new html5 user interface.

In Release 1708 the html5 UI client adds tiles to the Launchpad by pressing a star icon on the target of the navigation bar item.


However, customers wanted to have shortcuts as part of the UI shell, because they can access them even if the Launchpad is not open. In addition, some of the customers missed the shortcuts, already defined by a user in the Silverlight client.

To bring the shortcuts into the shell with the release 1711 of ByDesign we add a new entry called “Shortcuts” to the navigation bar itself.


After the upgrade to 1711 and the first logon with the html5 client, the system fetches the information of the already configured shortcuts for the user done in the Silverlight client and migrates them to the new html5 client into this new “Shortcuts” navigation bar menu item.

Please mention, this is only a one-time action! Afterwards the shortcuts could be changed in the Silverlight client and/or in the html5 client but there is no synchronization between the shortcuts of the two clients anymore. The reason for this is that the new html5 client uses a different kind of persistence as the Silverlight client to decrease the startup time.

New shortcuts can be added via the “Create Shortcut” icon on any of the navigation target items in the navigation bar via a new shortcut icon.


If the shortcut icon is not offered after an item in the navigation bar this target is already defined in the “Shortcuts” item and cannot be added twice.

Adding shortcuts via the navigation bar as tiles (like in 1708) to the Launchpad will not be possible anymore with the 1711 release. However existing shortcuts, added as tiles to the Launchpad will remain as they are.

How to add new content, like tiles, etc to the Launchpad is explained in this blog.

The shortcuts can be accessed via the “Shortcuts” menu item and are grouped (as all the content of the navigation bar) between regular views, etc and common tasks.


Shortcuts can be deleted in the “Shortcuts” menu item by pressing the (cycle, minus) icon behind the description of a target.

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      Author's profile photo Nguyen Ly
      Nguyen Ly

      Thanks Markus for the blog!

      I noticed that we have a new work center called Short Cut but on the other hand we lost the work center Launch Pad as it is now merged into work center Home.

      Is it possible to have the work center Launch Pad separately like before? It will be much easy for the user and the pre-sales guy to go back to the Launch Pad with one click from the Tool bar.


      Thank you.

      Nguyen Ly

      Author's profile photo Markus Viol
      Markus Viol
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Nguyen Ly,

      Thanks for your comment. We put the Launchpad into the Home Workcenter to be consistent to the structuring paradigm of ByDesign by having a grouping entity which is the Workcenter. I understand your point of having a faster access to the Launchpad but before we break our grouping paradigm and having the Launchpad as a separate Workcenter we would like to have more customer feedback.

      Do you know this page ? Here you could add your idea to improve Business ByDesign and other users could vote for.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      HI There,


      I confirm that there is many questions of our clients about the reason why there is not the short cut anymore in the launch pad.

      Our clients are willing to get it back

      Perhaps we can continue to have this shortcut workcenter and to have it aswell in the launch pad.


      Thanks for your answer


      Damien Bignon - Ubister

      Author's profile photo Antonio Sposato
      Antonio Sposato

      this link is not working anymore. Could you please provide the content?






      Author's profile photo Markus Viol
      Markus Viol
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Antonio,

      I am sorry for this. Hope it works again for you.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Lena Wacker
      Lena Wacker


      Hi everyone,


      is there a way to personalize the listing order of the different shortcuts within the Shortcuts WoC?
      As each user has his own priorities it would be very nice to Change the order the shortcuts are shown.



      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Markus Viol
      Markus Viol
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Lena,

      This is part of the 1805 release of ByDesign which will be delivered to customers starting at the middle of May.

      Best regards,