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Working with the Strategic Advisory Council (SAC) to Drive the Community’s Future

Several years ago SCN superhero Marilyn Pratt conceived of a working group of community members who had a formal consultation role with the SCN program. Thus was formed the original Strategic Advisory Council (SAC), community members who committed to work closely with SAP to shape the direction of SCN. The SAC remains in place today, but to be frank, we haven’t done a good enough job listening to the members or building clear processes to enable them to more closely drive our priorities and deliverables.

At the last SAC call in mid-October (we meet with the SAC monthly) we presented a plan to work even more closely with the SAC on prioritization decisions for the SAP Community platform, and that effort is taking shape quickly. We plan to build clearer processes for testing as well: While we invite SAC members to help test and give input on significant new features, and SAC members were also invited recently to participate in formal testing of a new prototype design for the community for instance, we need to do more to formalize our testing processes with the SAC. (I’ll provide some more details about that aforementioned prototype testing and our testing efforts overall in another blog post coming soon.)

Who belongs to the Strategic Advisory Council? Today the SAC represents a variety of very experienced community member roles and constituents. Some are SAP employees who use the community regularly to share insight and answer community member questions, but most are external to SAP, working for customers, partners or independently in the SAP ecosystem. Many are Mentors; most are also moderators in the community.

Here is the current list of SAC members so you know who is representing you in these conversations.

Andy Silvey
Colleen Hebbert
Jürgen L
Matt Fraser
Former Member
Steve Rumsby
Tammy Powlas
Veselina Peykova

Caetano Almeida
Harald Stevens
Former Member
Jitendra Kansal
John Appleby
Matthias Steiner

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  • You all have a really big job to do on top of your "real" jobs.   I hope it works well for you and those of us that want to see a change!

    Have fun while doing this.   One thing at a time!

    Thank you, each of you for doing this,


  • Nice to learn who the Members of SAC are!

    Big THANKS to you all, its impressive how you stick along and keep to try improving things for all of us here!



  • Ah, the "SCN cabal" list is finally revealed! Nice group of people indeed.

    So, can we start sending them faxes and emails with our demands, like we do in the US with our representatives? "As a constituent concerned about lack of Notifications, I urge you to vote 'yes' on the bill 12.45 (p.7)..." 😉

    • I believe we could form a "special interest group".    Jelena you could lobby for us.   It's not what you know, it's who you know.   Of course, you know a lot too!!!


    • They would both be very good additions to the team!  Their remarks and comments are discussed widely and thoroughly between the SAC membership and have provided much insight into the problems Subject Matter Experts (SME) experience while trying to solve the problems outlined in Questions.