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  1. Former Member

    Just trying to test out the new mobile development kit…. But where do I get these important values for the BrandedSettings.json file:

    ClientId ?

    SapCloudPlatformEndpoint ?

    AuthorizationEndpointUrl ?

    RedirectUrl ?

    TokenUrl ?

    1. Sue Berry
      Post author

      Hi Jason,

      You get them from mobile services.  When you create an App Modeler app in mobile services, you will receive these URLs and the client ID.

      We have HANA Academy videos on the way that walk you through everything step by step.  Hopefully Monday or Tuesday, but until, then email me and I can send you written instructions.  The editor and the client go hand in hand, so we don’t have a prebuilt app in the client.  You build the app in SAP Web IDE and deploy to the client.



  2. Janarthanan Elangovan

    Hello Sue Berry ,


    Thanks for the new blog on MDK, but today when I try to create SEAM service in WebIDE full-stock, there is no available plugin – Mobile development kit. I’m using trail account.

    Any idea why it’s suddenly not available. till Yesterday I used to do things with MDK plugin.





  3. Janarthanan Elangovan

    Hello Sue Berry,


    Thanks for the blog and latest update respect to MDK tool kit.

    Would like to know two things,

    1. Is there any help document/tips available for each controls (page/sub controls such as the functionality of filter, segmented, list picker, etc) to explore more controls to develop End to end application.
    2. We are facing issue while consuming available sample mobile service. please find below thread link for detailed information.
      1. Thread Link

    Let us know if any info required from our end.


    Best Regards,




  4. Former Member

    Dear Sue

    Wishing you a happy and successful 2018 !!!

    Was wondering if you can confirm when following will be available for MDK 2.0:

    • Camera control tutorial
    • Other sample reference projects  (reference source)
    • Mobile interactive tutorials (planned for Q4 2017)

    Thanks in advance



    1. Sue Berry
      Post author

      Hi Mike,


      We will have additional references soon.

      • Camera control tutorial: We have a sample app, but the issue is that we do not have access to a public data source that allows anyone to upload an image, so we don’t have a way to create a tutorial that you can easily follow using something like the sample service.  We are still figuring out how do that for everyone.
      • I am currently working on a sample reference project and that should be available this summer.
      • The Mobile Interactive Tutorials are still TBD.  The content is available in the SAP Cloud Platform Tutorials until we complete this one.



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