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System could be unlocked during Downtime or Execution Phase (for SUM Tool ) during Upgrade

Dear All ,


Yes , System could be unlocked during Execution Phase of Upgrade using SUM Tool .


Many a times we come across situations when we require to login to the system during Execution Phase of Upgrade .

We wonder how can we do it during Downtime or Execution Phase .

Many of us also firmly believe that it is not possible to log in to the system .

But i say yes , we can unlock the system at two phases during Downtime .

To your wonder , even  SUM itself does so . SUM unlocks and locks system automatically .

You can definitely check the ‘SLOG’ generated during this phase of Upgrade by SUM.

Well , the phases are :


If you want to login to the system during Downtime , you can set break point at above mentioned phases and proceed .

Do not forget to lock after that .


Command that SUM uses to unlock/lock as under.

START tplock_eu            ABC (      20170824073525              abcadm       <hostname> 20170824073519007012

STOP  tplock_eu            ABC (      20170824073525              abcadm       <hostname> 20170824073519007012


START locksysX             ABC {      20170824073611              abcadm       <hostname> 20170824073519007012

STOP  locksysX             ABC {      20170824073611              abcadm       <hostname> 20170824073519007012

START locksys              ABC |      20170824073611              abcadm       <hostname> 20170824073519007012

STOP  locksys              ABC |      20170824073612              abcadm       <hostname> 20170824073519007012


Hope this blog has been helpful to you .





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  • Dear Reader ,


    To avail the advantage of unlocking SUM during Execution phase , we must mandatorily set breakpoint at mentioned phases .




  • Unlock and lock command


    1. Unlock the standard system by using the commands bellow:


    cd \<update directory>\abap\exe
    tp unlocksys <SAPSID> pf=..\var\DEFAULT.TPP
    tp unlock_eu <SAPSID> pf=..\var\DEFAULT.TPP


    2. Lock the system using the following command:


    cd \<update directory>\abap\exe
    tp lock_eu <SAPSID> pf=..\var\DEFAULT.TPP
    tp locksys <SAPSID> pf=..\var\DEFAULT.TPP