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SAP BI 4.2 SP05 : Triggering Schedule in BI Platform from BW – Part 2

This is the second part of the blog post on how to trigger schedule in SAP BI Platform from BW system.

In the first blog we have looked into the integration steps between SAP BI Platform and BW system, as well as configuring BW event in BI platform. In this blog we will have a walk-through on the process chain creation and configuring SAP BI Platform specific process type in SAP BW system.


Create a Process chain with BI Platform specific process type in BW

Goto tx rspc and select process chain

Right Click on Process Chains > Choose Create Display Component


Provide Application Component and description


New BW application component is created.

Right click on the newly created component and choose Create Process Chain

Provide Name and Description

Click OK


Create new Start Process


Provide process name and description

Click OK


Click Edit Conditions

Choose Immediate if you want the process chain to be executed immediately.



Then Save again.


Click OK


Process chain is created as shown below.

Double click on the Process Chain


You will be able to see the following. Start process type is also displayed.


Expand the “Load Process and Postprocessing” folder.

Double click on “Trigger Event in BusinessObjects Explorer for BW Data Change”


Create New and provide the Variant and description

Click OK.

Select the Destination from the list of destinations. This should be the same destination created in step 2 in the first blog

Select the BW Event from the list of BW Events.

Click on Save.


Click OK.

Process chain with Trigger BOE Event process type is created.

Activate and Execute the process chain.


Whenever “Trigger BOE Event” Process Type runs as part of the Process Chain, BW Event selected in the process type will be triggered in the BI Platform system. And as a result of the trigger of this event, corresponding associated reports will be scheduled.

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    Hi Vishal

    We’ve just patched our BW system to 7.4 SP19 and the new process type “Trigger event in BusinessObjects explorer for BW data change” does not appear as an option in RSPC. Is there another note we need to apply?

    Many thanks

    Steve Murray

  • Hi Vishal,


    Great post! I have a question regarding the final status of the BW process chain..

    If the the event triggers the scheduling correctly but in BO for some reason the scheduling job fails, the process chain’s status will be green or red?




    • Hi Marcello,


      Thanks for the feedback.

      If the schedule is successfully triggered in BO, the status in process chain will be green. This is irrespective of whether the schedule was successful or it failed.




  • Hi Vishal,


    Is it possible to automatically schedule SAP Analysis for Office Documents with variable parameters?


    I have an Analysis for Office Sales Report based on Month X.

    I want that the BI-Platform automatically schedule the report every month (that already works) and then automatically change the month value to the current month.


    Is it possible?


    Kind regards


  • Dear Vishal,

    in your blog you write that minimum requirement for this is BW 7.40 SP19.

    However, the SAP Note 2517347 states that SP 20 is required.

    Is it possible to get it running with SP19 as well?



  • Hi @all

    We are running a 2-tier SAP BO Landscape and a 3-tier SAP BW landscape. We implemented triggering as well – test are successful so far.

    Right now we are facing an issue regarding transporting of BW Process Chains, as  the BO Event-ID changes during promotion of the event on BO Side.

    Therefore the run of the process chain will fail in BW production system.

    Has anyone else run into this issue? How did you resolve this?