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SAP P2P Process in FIORI- S/4HANA EM  (Enterprise Management).


Hi SAP Experts,

Please find the below blog links for SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management Details useful for newbies…

This blog explain simple P2P Process steps in SAP FIORI.

System Details :- S/4 HANA 1610

Creating Purchase Requisition

Create PO with reference to PR

Posting Goods receipt with reference to PO

Posting Invoice verification with reference to PO.

I hope this blog will be more useful to those new to S4 HANA EM with FIORI.  I have tried for simple procure to pay process for Pharama company- just for practice.

Please find the Apps used. We can get the FIORI apps from FIORI App library published by SAP. Please use below link.

FIORI Apps Library

I have not used any explanation as simple Procure to pay process is known to all.

Create Purchase Requisitions in FIORI

Once header Data is entered then we need to populate item details in PO

Searching for Material

Creating PO with reference to PR

Posting Goods reciept for PO. Movement type 101.

Stock is subjected to Inspection and getting below error.

In Quality inspection App – we need to release the lot.

We need to release the QM info record in user in PP Team – PP login, as MM user not having access and having only Display access for QM Info Record

Login t- PP login.

Status is now released.

Now GR is posted.

Now Next step is posting Invoice verification by taking reference of PO.

Document no. 5114059385 created.

Step are similar to ECC.

P2P Cycle is completed in FIORI User Interface system.


Standard PO created under the number 45001331.

Material document 5000296927 posted.

Invoice Document no. 5114059385 created.

This blog helps or serves as a first step to SAP streamlined Procurement and sourcing Module. Hope it is useful to each and everyone interested in S4 HANA Enterprise management. Thanking you.



Please visit my blog for SAP MM WM EWM SD PP and S4 HANA EM related details.

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  1. Jocelyn Dart

    Hi shivakkumar Geetha venkatesan

    It’s great to see an end to end process showing how the new Fiori apps and classic UIs work together in SAP S/4HANA.

    Next time a little more explanation would be helpful … not everyone understands the P2P process – or how it might be different in EM compared to how they use it.

    And it would be great to show more of the Fiori apps – as there are apps to Manage Purchase Orders , Post Goods Receipts , and Create and Manage Supplier Invoices as well.

    Perhaps some apps you can try out at your next project?

    Good luck


  2. shivakkumar Geetha venkatesan Post author

    Thanks Jocelyn for the valuable comments. I will definitely add the required information. Once again thanks for giving suggestion- this will help me to shape my blog and also to sharpen my knowledge. Thanking you.



  3. shivakkumar Geetha venkatesan Post author


    SAP is always No-1 in ERP/SCM world because it is keep on researching, introducing new Products and Innovations that brings higher end customer satisfaction and Greater user Experience.

    Flexible, Simpler business process (Manual to Automation)
    better Decision making
    Improved customer experience
    Reduce cost
    Increase end user productivity
    Reduce risk
    Improve productivity ( asset utilization)
    Faster time to market.

    Thanks SAP..




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