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Implementing a custom UI5 lib and a UI5 app consuming the lib using SAP Full-Stack WebIDE with Grunt

I typically use some local dev environment with some of my favorite IDE’s, i.e. VS Code, Atom, WebStorm,… However, sometimes I prefer to use the SAP Web IDE when it comes to implementing UI5 apps for the SAP Cloud Platform (SAPCP). Implementing custom UI5 libs seems to receive more and more attention these days (also thanks to Doing that using your own machine & tools works seamlessly. But can we use the SAP Web IDE to do the same? In own SAPCP projects with multiple team members we’ve made some good experience using SAP’s Full-Stack Web IDE – and I really like the benefits!

In this blog I’d like to show how easy it is to implement your own custom UI5 library, deploy it to the SAPCP, and use the library in an own UI5 app. All that can happen from within the Full-Stack Web IDE (not the “old” Web IDE). To speed up I’ve prepared some code on GitHub.

Hint: The example does currently not build the themes from the library project. I still have to figure out how that works because of the theme paths. As soon as I know I will update the example code.



1. Clone example from Github

git clone

The folder ui5-lib-webide-demo contains two folders and two zip files:

  • nabi.sample.ui5lib
    This folder contains the code of our custom UI5 library
  • nabi.sample.ui5app
    This folder contains the code of our UI5 app that consumes the library – ready for the Full-Stack Web IDE
    This archive contains our custom UI5 library. We will import this archive into the Full-Stack Web IDE.
    This archive contains our app. We will simply this archive into the Full-Stack Web IDE.


2. Import our custom UI5 library into the Full-Stack Web IDE




To build the project (via default Grunt task) select “Build” from the context menu, then check the generated “dist” folder:


3. Deploy our custom UI5 library to the SPCP from the Full-Stack Web IDE




4. Import our custom UI5 app into the Full-Stack Web IDE



To build the project (via default Grunt task) select “Build” from the context menu, then check the generated “dist” folder:



6. Run custom UI5 app into the Full-Stack Web IDE




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  • Good stuff.. but first time I hear the term "Full Stack" Web-IDE..  here in New Zealand and at least to my colleagues in Australia, I like to make it crystal clear the first one is Orion and the latest which is more actively developed by open-source communities is Che and none of them were developed by SAP.

    Nonetheless is good to see some traction on custom libraries - there is not a lot around this topic and above all in what tooling can do.. certainly good that a task runner has been incorporated to Che, should make Web-IDE an option from now on.

    Cheers and keep up the good blogs!

    • Thank you Daniel! Stay tuned, because I’m planning a few other blogs related to ui5 libs, one of them will be published soon…

      You are correct:

      • “old” Web IDE is based on Eclipse Orion
      • SAP Web IDE Full-Stack is based on Eclipse Che

      I usually call it “Full-Stack SAP Web IDE” because calling it “SAP Web IDE Full-Stack” feels a little odd to me when I speak it.  I’m sure the people @SAP might hate me for that, sorry… ?

      Sometime ago the Full-Stack SAP Web IDE was renamed from Web IDE Multi Cloud – or in my wording from “Multi Cloud Web IDE” ? In the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit under “Services” you will find the naming “Full-Stack”…

      In future there will be only one Web IDE (I think there is a good blog somewhere). While SAP did not develop Orion/Che they decided to create products (“SAP Web IDE”) based on these two open source projects. Of course, these products contain some unique SAP specific features added by SAP.

      By the way: there is actually another Web IDE called SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA, but that’s another topic…


  • HI Nabi,


    we tried your library example today, but with one difference. We can only deploy to SAPUI5 ABAP Repository. Do you have experience with this case? I ask because of a problem that has happened in this case.

    When starting the sample.ui5app app we get the following error:

    failed to load 'nabi/sample/ui5lib/library-preload' (failed to load 'nabi/sample/ui5lib/library-preload.js' from ../../../../../resources/nabi/sample/ui5lib/library-preload.js: 404 - Not Found)

    A major change in addition to the deployment target is that I had to change the application name in the deployment and in the neo-app.json because of our naming conventions.

    We use the SAP Web IDE Full-Stack Version with an NetWeaver Frontend Server 752 and SAPUI5 1.52.7.


    Thanks for your advice.


    Best regards,

    Christian Schoeneberg


  • Hi,


    Web IDE full stack can use for both ABAP development, ABAP CDS views(S/4 HANA onprem Analytics) and also Fiori/UI5 devlopments?

    What is the license model for S/4 HANA on-prem customers ?



    Kiran Vadrevu

    • Hi Kiran,

      You might be interested to know that ABAP CDS Views are not just for Analytics - they are also used for Transactional Apps - this is described in the ABAP Programming Model for Fiori.

      For SAP S/4HANA customers wanting to use SAP Cloud Platform Web IDE, they subscribe to this service in the usual way. You can find an overview of SAP Cloud Platform pricing at

      It's sufficient for most UX development needs (e.g. online Fiori apps run from the Fiori Launchpad) to connect the SAP Cloud Platform Web IDE to the DEV system/client only.



  • Hi Nabi Zamani

    I created a library from webide and deployed it using SAP Abap Repository. From WebIDE I have added to my application the link to my workspace library. When deploying the app in SAP Abap Repository and running it from the launchpad I always get these errors:


    Can someone help me load my library from a launchpad application?

  • Hi Nabi Zamani  @Steffen Retz,

    I have used your solution from GIT and it worked like charm.

    We are not into cloud, we are on premise, so deploying into SCP wont work. In this case, how different the sol has to be designed, so that we can consume the lib file into other apps.

    I went through the solution that u have provided to make it work for FLP,"com/xxx/hr/zhr_cust_lib", "/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/zhr_cust_lib");

    Please can you help understand the first parameter of registerModulePath () i.e 





    Anirup Patnaik

    • See my comment above, including the link (which includes even a video and code on github).

      Other than that you could help yourself by check the API docs of to to better understand API. Note that this API is deprecated since 1.58. But as I mentioned above this line of code is not needed at all when the UI5 lib/app is deployed correctly - be it to ABAP to SAPCP!

      • Thanks @Nabi Zamani !

        But one question :

        When we are deploying the lib to SCP, in the manifest.json file of the app that consumes the lib file we add this route :

        “path”: “/resources/nabi/sample/ui5lib”,
        “target”: {
        “type”: “application”,
        “name”: “ui5webidedemolib”,
        “entryPath”: “/”
        “description”: “Nabi Sample UI5 Library”

        I have deployed the app to gateway, and done all the validations with /sap/bc/ui2/app_index/ui5_app_info?id=nabi.sample.ui5lib, they are all green.

        But how the target route in manifest.json of the app that consumes the lib has to be maintained.

        Please can you help.



        Anirup Patnaik