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Hi all,

in case you created your project in your DEV sytem and now need to transport it to QAS system, you can use the Import/Export functionality to transfer your project from one system to the other.

  1. In DEV system use button EXPORT  
  2. A zip file is beeing created.
  3. In QAS you create a new migration project with the same Mass Transfer ID – this is prerequisite !!
  4. Next use the Button IMPORT CONTENT in this new project.

You find more information also in the Help-Portal – Migration Cockpit.


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  1. Former Member

    Hello Sybille,

    Thank you sharing!

    Does the export work for different landscapes, e.g Sandbox to Dev, Dev to QA etc?

    I am trying to do some import and I am getting an error.


    1. Sybille Lackermeier Post author


      Hi Delon,

      the Export/Import functionality is designed to tranport the content of the whole project from one system to another; so yes: Sandbox -> Dev, Dev -> Q, …

      The message you get tells you that there are some migration objects already acitve for the project you want to import. This was done manually – someone did activate a migration object in the “new” project in DEV system.

      We recommand:

      • Create a project in e.g. Sandbox system.
      • Do the tests in this project. Export.
      • Create new project in DEV – note: Mass Transfer ID must be identical! Do not manually activate migration objects here!
      • Import project in DEV.

      If you do have to work in a next cycle to improve your results, use the project in Sandbox, change it, export and import in DEV again. Then you will be asked for overwriting the exsting one.


    1. Former Member

      Hi Surajit Kar,

      I’m encounter the same issue. Are you managed to resolve it now?

      Implemented SAP note below, but the issue not resolved,

      2617067 – S/4HANA 1709 FPS00 / FPS01 – Migration – Corrections for Migration Cockpit – Q2P Scenario

      Thank you!


      1. Surajit Kar


        I did the below steps to resolve the internal error issue.

        1. open se38

        2. run program DMC_ANWDG_MWB_ACCESS

        3. Select the row which has ‘SLO’ in it.

        4. Click unlock button



    Hi ,

    We have implemented the SAP Note 2628948 and 2617067 but we are getting errors after importing the Migration Project from Dev to QAS system.


    1. Error while generating runtime objects for Z_VENDOR_007
    2. Syntax error in function module /1LT/S4QOLC_100000000000007
    3. The field “_CP_CTR_VEND_NUMBRG_S” is unknown, but
      there are the following fields with similar names:

    Could any one let me know if any one has faced this kind of issue. Please provide your help.






  3. Former Member

    Please follow the below steps 

    1. Please Implement the SAP Note  2509954
    2. Re-create the project in LTMC Transaction 
    3. Re-generate the Migration Object in LTMOM Transaction.




  4. Dimitris Triantafyllou

    Hello all,

    I am trying to create a new project ftom ltmc in Quality system in order to import the project that i have created in development.
    When i create the new project and give the same mass tranfer id as mentioned above,

    I receive an error message that this mass tranfer id already exists !
    I can see the project (that i have created in dev and uploaded the master data successfully in dev) in ltmc when i open it from quality system but the migration does not upload the file in QA.

    Do I have to make the project inactive first and then create again with the same mass tranfer id and import the zip file ?


    1. Sybille Lackermeier Post author


      Hello Dimitris,

      no – you do not have to deactivate the project.

      Which release are you working on? Did you check OSS notes on this issue?

      br, sybille



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