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Hi all,

in case you created your project in your DEV sytem and now need to transport it to QAS system, you can use the Import/Export functionality to transfer your project from one system to the other.

  1. In DEV system use button EXPORT  
  2. A zip file is beeing created.
  3. In QAS you create a new migration project with the same Mass Transfer ID – this is prerequisite !!
  4. Next use the Button IMPORT CONTENT in this new project.

You find more information also in the Help-Portal – Migration Cockpit.


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  1. Delon Ndlovu

    Hello Sybille,

    Thank you sharing!

    Does the export work for different landscapes, e.g Sandbox to Dev, Dev to QA etc?

    I am trying to do some import and I am getting an error.


    1. Sybille Lackermeier Post author


      Hi Delon,

      the Export/Import functionality is designed to tranport the content of the whole project from one system to another; so yes: Sandbox -> Dev, Dev -> Q, …

      The message you get tells you that there are some migration objects already acitve for the project you want to import. This was done manually – someone did activate a migration object in the “new” project in DEV system.

      We recommand:

      • Create a project in e.g. Sandbox system.
      • Do the tests in this project. Export.
      • Create new project in DEV – note: Mass Transfer ID must be identical! Do not manually activate migration objects here!
      • Import project in DEV.

      If you do have to work in a next cycle to improve your results, use the project in Sandbox, change it, export and import in DEV again. Then you will be asked for overwriting the exsting one.


      1. Delon Ndlovu

        Thank you Sybille,

        Your reply is correct, I am going to follow the process you recommended when we are moving from Dev to Q.


        Many Thanks,



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