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Extend IT Workflows to Facebook Messenger and Skype

This is Terry Qi from Solution Manager development team. As the project manager of “Social Application Integration” team, I would like to share with experts and customers in Solution Manager fields about an innovative idea. Hopefully the innovative idea can increase end users’ user experience and working efficiency in future.

Background of the idea: according to data from StatCounter, network traffic generated by mobile devices surpassed the one by PC devices since October, 2016. It’s a strong proof that people is eager to use the “mobile” way to communicate, entertain and even work, more than ever. Would it be possible to monitor IT equipment and handle IT workflows with Mobile? What even more appreciated is that: the solution requires no additional Apps installing in the mobile, but utilizing the existing Social Communication Apps, such as Facebook Messenger, Skype and so on?

Our team had investigated into this way and came up with a prototype.

Below is a demo showing the prototype we created. You can see that end user can interact with Facebook Messenger to handle System Monitoring and Request for Change business, anywhere, anytime, without VPN or complicated logon procedures.

Our team is looking forward to listening to your feedback: do you think the idea is valuable? From your point of view, any other business scenarios can be added into this integrated solution? Any questions?

You are welcome to leave a comment below and discuss with us directly.

If you are a Solution Manager customer, or you have customer relations who are interested into this idea, you or your customers are welcome to join the collaborative project we set up through Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI) program, in which customers can work together with us to improve the prototype, and hopefully make it become an official product in future!

Register Link:

Any questions, feel free to comment below.


Best regards,

Terry Qi

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    • Thanks for your comment. The social media channel you mentioned is the one company opens to its consumers, while in our prototype, the channel is created between company and its employees. From an employee point of view, there is only 1 entry – the social App, Skype or Facebook messenger – through the entry, he/she can not only handle personal contacts and relationships, but also company business and workflows. That’s the main purpose of our idea.

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  • There’s no kind of prerequisites other than copy of Visual Studio. So just wanna jump right into it now and talk about, why are bots interesting? 2016, people are saying it was the year of the bot, and bots were the, kind of the peak of the graph thing that they have. Why was that? Well, one of the main reasons is these devices that we have at home. We have Siri, we have Cortana, we have Google Home, and they’re everywhere. They can be in your bedroom, they can be in the kitchen. They’re probably with you now. You guys have all got phones with you, and I’m sure you use them to some extent, maybe, some more than others. That’s one reason. But the other reason is messenger applications are getting really popular. This diagram here kinda shows you how the messaging apps have actually surpassed social networks, you know, Facebook, that kind of thing. People are way more engaged in messaging than they have been. This is continuing to grow. One thing that I like to talk about, actually, when I’m introducing people to this concept is, if you guys have got your phone with you, just pull it out and have a look at your home screen and just count how many messaging apps you’ve got. We find that most people have got between five, five and seven, just on the home page. That’s, just in terms of distribution, that’s a really compelling story. In terms of business cases for these things, there’s tonnes of them. You’ve probably all heard “the customer is a bot,” “bot wave,” you’ve got bot which is first-line support for maybe technical supports, or someone got a problem, they can’t connect to WiFi, they wanna know how to do that. Well, that’s the perfect kind of scenario that a bot can deal with. But it can help with all kinds of things, as well. We’ll look at some of those in more detail. But you can see with all these vertical slices down here.

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