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**** Update October 30, 2017***

Fun down to the final submissions, official voting closed as of October 27, 2017 6:15 AM PST / 9:15 AM EST / 6:45 PM IST. The official results show Steve Rumsby as our caption contest winner, having submitted both of the top entries (impressive!) and ANKIT CHAUHAN coming in a close third.




Top Submissions:

Steve Rumsby: “A jam band? Great! Can I play one of those goatars…?”

Steve Rumsby: “I brought my own horn, can I join in?”

ANKIT CHAUHAN : No Goats No Glory”


Warm congratulations to Steve and many thanks to all who shared their creativity and good humor with the community.


Have you heard… Capra was such a big hit in Las Vegas she got invited to SAP TechEd Bangalore! (If you don’t know Capra yet, she’s our new community mascot and her TechEd adventures are being shared on social media by our community goat herders #goatspotting@community_goat.)

For those of us who can’t join Capra in Bangalore, we’ve got another TechEd caption contest to help bring the event’s excitement to the community. The laugh-out-loud submissions rolled in during the Las Vegas caption contest and for this Bangalore take, I found my inspiration in the SAP Jam Band. It turns out this is the first year the Jam Band will be performing in Bangalore and I can’t help but wonder if Capra will make an appearance.

What do you think, does Capra have talent? Share your caption to make this cartoon rock!

How to Participate:

  • Come up with a funny caption to go with the cartoon & publish it as a comment on this post
  • You can enter as many captions as you want (as long as they’re all funny:)
  • Keep it professional — sarcasm is fine, but don’t be mean, my children will be reading this
  • Vote for your favorite captions by giving a like to the relevant comment posts
  • You can vote for as many captions as truly tickle your funny bone
  • The caption that receives the most votes wins!

Caption entries and voting will close on Friday October 27th after the last Bangalore education session at 6:15 AM PST / 9:15 AM EST / 6:45 PM IST. That’s only 3 days so get your entries in soon!

There are no prizes, but you will earn the respect of the community, the admiration of Capra, and your caption will be added to the cartoon and shared with the community for all to see. And this time, the cartoon and winning caption will be featured at the Barcelona community booth, prominently displayed on the back side of the selfie wall. I will also send a printed hard copy with the caption to the winner.

This contest is brought to you with special thanks to Timo Elliott, who brought us the first community caption contest in 2015 with much success and to my Community Experience Team colleagues who collaborated on Capra-worthy concepts.

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  1. Yogesh Patel

    WOW!!! Can’t believe that I am in India. Playing ROCK and not CLASSICAL!!!

    Let’s start dancing… Ohhh… But wait who is going to play all this instruments!!! Excuse me… Does anyone know how to play them?

  2. Koen Hesters

    Hey Hana, don’t make it bad

    Take a bad system and make it better

    remember to let her in your memory

    then you’ll begin to make it

    better better better better better, oh

    Ha na na na na na, hey hana,

    Ha na na na na na, hey hana

  3. Scott Lawley

    As the opening act, having just successfully completed a back-flip, Capra stood there with a smile of satisfaction as the audience cheered on.


  4. Jeremy Good

    Although I am much more famous for wielding a cricket bat, I will borrow Sam Yen’s guitar and channel my inner George Thorogood, kicking off this TechEd Jam session with a four legged rendition of ‘Baaaaad to the Bone’.

  5. Caetano Almeida

    “When you get up in the morning and the light is hurt your head
    The first thing you do when you get up out of bed
    Is hit that streets a-runnin’ and try to beat the masses
    And go get yourself some cheap sunglasses…”

    1. Caroleigh Deneen
      Post author

      Hysterical! Can’t believe (goat editions) are a real thing and I’ve missing out until now. Here is another that made me laugh:

      Thanks for sharing, and thanks for all who have submitted captions so far.

      You’ve kept me in good humor all day!


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