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SAP Business ByDesign Localization Country Update: Israel and South Korea

Since the content of the blog is outdated but can’t be deleted due past comments, please refer to the following localization features for these countries in our public documentation:

  1. Israel and localization features published
  2. South Korea localization features published

Thank you

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  • I had an offer from SAP, 1 year ago, to benefit from Israel localization (initially developped for Hilti).

    The conditions were the following :

    • having a separate tenant
    • paying a monthly fee of 2500€


    Since my customer is already live for other countries (5 at the moment) in a single tenant, you can imagine that having a separate tenant for his subsidiary in Israel does not sound a great idea

    By the way, paying this monthly fee appeared to them to be too expensive


    Can you tell me if the same conditions apply now or has it evolved ?


    Best regards





      Hello Nathalie,


      There is and there was not techniacl reason to have a separate tenant for Israel. Thus your customer could run Israel in the same tenant.

      About the price estimation, I am glad to put you in contact with SAP Cloud Service Center. They are the organization that will run this implementation project for international customers, meaning outside Israel.

      Let me Approach you via email to connect with Sandeep.


      Kind regards, Antonio

  • Hello, now that we have the authorization for having the Israel pre-localization. How should we proceed to have it available in the customer productive tenant ?


    • HI Nathalie,


      I understand, my answer is given already via email to you.

      In general, at the time we oficially declare Israel as pre-localized Country (please check roadmap), this Country will be listed in the "scoping" for selecting as many others.

      Kind regards, Antonio

  • Hi Antonio,


    ERM is available for non localised country employees? As referred to the article  2196778  .. The Non-Localized employee is not supported within Expense and Reimbursement Management in Business ByDesign.

    We are implementing for south korea..

    Any other possibility?