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5 Practical Ways to Provide Great Customer Service Through Social Media Marketing

Are you a business owner looking to provide great customer service through social media, but don’t seem to know the best tips and tricks? Providing customer service through sites like Facebook and Twitter can help boost a firm’s image, since they will be known for keeping customer satisfaction.

In addition, providing help for customers on social media sites is faster, since you can answer individual question and other clients will see the post. However, if a customer has a more serious problem then talking to them via private message is the way to go, which is great as most social media platforms have fast responsive chat boxes.

Not only will your brand be known for helping out their clients when they encounter problems, but also for providing high quality answers. It doesn’t matter if a brand contacts a client immediately if they don’t get the help they need it is pointless. With that thought in mind here are 5 practical ways to provide great customer service through social media marketing

The role social media marketing plays

Social media is the hot topic of businesses today, because more and more firms are beginning to understand that this is a great source of traffic. Not only is social media a great tool to contact loyal fans, but also to engage and grow a following for future events.

Imagine you have a new product to sell, but nobody knows about it, thus on launch day you get no sales. However, if you were to have a following on social media that would all be different, since you could advertise products to a thirsty audience. Furthermore, it personalizes the brand and helps send out a message in a manner that is not conversational.

Despite social media being a great tool to expose your firm it can also be the downfall of it. If not managed correctly social media can be your enemy, for example if the account were to post controversial topics then this would start negative debates, which you do not want. Keep it simple and post content that is friendly to all users and not offensive in any way.

Social media marketing allows you to be worldwide

Social media marketing allows you to connect to people all around the world, which means unlimited traffic. What most entrepreneurs fail to believe is that social media can generate them almost all there hot leads. Facebook advertisements are the number one tool used to get hot traffic to businesses products, which you can use also.

The reason why it’s such a brilliant tools is because you can target a very specific niche, therefore not limiting the chance of making a sale. What most businesses do is get writing companies to create adverts for them, since they know how to create a persuasive description, Essay Geeks is one that is generally mentioned when it comes to this sort of content.

Also, social media marketing increases the brands popularity, meaning your content will be shared all over the internet. This generally leads to a snowball effect, as the more views a post gets the more shares it will receive. Have in mind your brand won’t appeal to all viewers, instead target a certain group of people, try to make it seem they could not live without your products.

  1. Hear what customers are saying

When providing customer service through social media it is important to listen to what they have to say, because it can help you in the long run. Say you have problems with your product that you do not know about, well a customer can encounter this problem and contact the brand talking about it. This way the brand stays high quality and the customer is happy.

This is especially great for product launches, since there are a lot that can go wrong with a product only being on the market for a small amount of time. Depending on your following you could even ask users their opinion of your products asking for their advice and how to improve the services.

Consider hiring a virtual assistant to help with the social media side, which can be better than direct one on one customer support.  The virtual assistant can create polls, debates and other content for viewers to engage in. This way you can gain statistics in a way that does not seem obvious, plus the fans will be gaining something out of it too.

  1. Pick the best platform for the business

Depending on the brand some social media sites work better for them, since they might have different features than others. YouTube is a great platform for brands to show how their products work, which big firms like Amazon already use. However, if your brand would work with something like Twitter then go for it, but have in mind there are no limitations when it comes to social media.

One social media platform could be amazing for one firm, but terrible for yours. However, with trial and error finding out the best platform for the firm is well worth the time involved, since then you can help provide customers with the help they need. Also, include a question and answer section for the most common questions, since this will save time for employees.

A great example of a firm knowing where their customers are is KLM Airlines. They knew that the majority of their clients us LinkedIn so what they did is create their very own special LinkedIn group. There they could provide 24/7 customer support with no hassle. Don’t assume that everybody uses the main platforms like Facebook or Twitter, consider every option and go for the most popular one.

  1. Use tools to provide better service

Sitting at your desk waiting to provide service to a customer would be extremely boring and a complete waste of time. Therefore, using tools that can help you will go a long way, since they will save you time. Consider using an alert tool when a customer sends a message a noise will beep indicating a customer needs help, which is far more efficient than waiting at your desk.

Not only are these tools great for marketing but also amazing for customer support, because they will make the brand better. These tools can help you stay on top of your game, when products get views analytics can show you what customers like and don’t like – even the amount of time they spent on the page.

  1. Be fast when contacting customers

Nobody likes to sit on a problem for a long time, which is why contacting a client that has encountered a problem is extremely important. Even though speed is not generally the main factor when it comes to email customer support it is when it’s on social media. The main reason customers contact support on social media is for fast responses, since they may not have time to wait for an email.

Keeping the customer happy is vital in order to have a smooth running firm, otherwise unhappy clients will leave negative reviews. This can lead to a snowball effect where more and more clients see these reviews, thus not trusting the brand anymore. Even if you do not have the answer right away state it to the client and say that you’re working on the task to help them.

Generally answering within the first 10 minutes is what you’re going for as any longer than that will leave a bad taste in the customer’s mouth when they want to contact in the future.

  1. How to engage the client correctly

The tone of voice is extremely important when talking to a client, because this can change a customer’s satisfaction. However, this can be a bit of a problem on social media sites where there is a limited character use, or example Twitter. The best way to get the tone right is to go with the customer, try to match their tone of voice in the conversation.

Being nice from the get go is just as important as providing the information. Nowadays we have ratings after a customer service conversation has finished, this helps firms know if their employee is doing their job correctly. Although, some people can write reviews of the customer support that are not accurate the majority of clients will tell the truth.

Also, notice how the client talks do they use slang, do they shorten words, are they native English and is the client frustrated? Empathy is very important in this line of work, since knowing how the client feels is important in order to help them. Once you understand the client helping them shouldn’t be a problem, if there was something wrong with the product apologize, empathy is key here.


Customer support on social media is becoming more and more popular every day, but many brands don’t know exactly how to use them. Find out which social media platform works best for your brand and take advantage of it. Also, remember to contact the user as fast as possible, since they are using social media to get fast answers.

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  • One of the first challenge of social customer service is deciding where to focus your time and resources. Marketing activities can drive traffic to certain social sites, but the customer service team needs to meet customers who already connected to ensure engagement.