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The Coffee Corner is one of the hottest areas of the SAP Community site, so it’s only fitting that we’ll also be in the Coffee Corner in Bangalore! You will find us on the right side of the show floor entrance.

This is the team that will welcome you onsite:

Swing by the booth and meet us to learn about the SAP Community and the SAP Mentors program!

While you’re there, you can enjoy a Gola (shaved flavored ice, handmade by the SAP Mentors team), and you can hang out, chill, and even play foosball in the SAP Community Clubhouse.

If you won’t be attending SAP TechEd Bangalore, you’ll still be able to participate in related activities. On Thursday the 26th at 10:00 a.m. local time, will air “Why SAP Community Matters,” with Jerry Janda interviewing Murali Shanmugham (SAP Mentor and SAP Community award winner) about the importance of the community — and about how members can get the most from it. (Replay will be available on the SAP TechEd Live site — similar to the one recorded at SAP TechEd Las Vegas). If you want to meet SAP Community people during SAP TechEd but online, then you might want to check out this thread and tell the Community what you do. And we’ll be holding another caption contest about Capra — once again looking to give someone bragging rights for the funniest submission. Look out for Caroleigh Deneen’s blogpost soon.

So whether you’ll be in Bangalore or not, we hope you’ll get caught up in the excitement of SAP TechEd!

We, the SAP Community and SAP Mentors staff team at SAP TechEd Bangalore, look forward to meet you.

Jason Cao

Jerry Janda

Katarina Fischer

Moshe Naveh

Mynyna Chau

Former Member

and our special guest Capra

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  1. Jason Cao

    So much fun and hopefully many opportunities to meet and get to know our community members in person!

    Great to go to India again, and attend my first SAP TechEd in Bangalore!

    Thanks for sharing all these nice activities, Mynyna!


  2. Joachim Rees

    Hey all,

    this is a lite off-topic (and the 2nd time I comment before even reading the whole blog), but it was such a flash of insight when I saw that picture and job title of Capra:

    You (= SAP Community folks 🙂 ) now actually got yourself a SAP Community Scapegoat!?!

    Poor Capra! 🙁

    Strange but (according to search!) true: I’m the first to notice this:

    (Or at least voice that finding in public)


    I hope the Community at TechEd  will defend Capra and keep her alive and happy!




    1. Joachim Rees

      At first I was afraid (^^),
      that maybe seach wouldn’t work so well and not find the things you searched for, but no, it work’s fine: Now that I voiced this inconfortable truth, search also points to it:

    2. Jerry Janda

      I find it unlikely that anyone within the community will refer to Capra as our scapegoat — as long as they understand the Capra story and appreciate what Colleen Hebbert and Susan Keohan did to bring the goat to life.

      I saw firsthand how Capra represented the very best of SAP Community — and I fully expect to see the positive attitude live on in Bangalore and at Barcelona and on twitter.

      That being said, I’ll continue to help to keep Capra safe, along with awesome “goatherders” such as Former Member , whose video talents helped capture (Capratured?) some of the goat’s adventures.

      Besides…I’d like to think that I’m the official SAP Community scapegoat, and I don’t need Capra jeopardizing my job security. 🙂

  3. CD Raju


    Hi Moshe, Mynyna, Jerry & Capra,

    I would like to congratulate the whole SAP Community Team for having a such big booth in SAP TechEd’17, Bangalore. It was so successful and the activities you have conducted has got immense response from participants, I have witnessed that all 3 days were having huge queues with participants in front of the booth. I strongly believe it’ll give a positive feedback towards SAP Community. 🙂


    Raju C D


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