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ClueBus 2017 – from #sitSV to SAPTechEd Las Vegas (with Capra)

1991 – I visited Yosemite park and missed to hike up to the falls
2017 – Mission completed – I have seen Vernal fall and the Half Dome!


Yeah! (SAP)Community rocks! 

This was a new and different aspect of what I already experienced in the past about

“Aiming high” with “SAPCommunity”

I already had very good experiences at many local events like e.g. SAPInnojam and SAPDemoJam. And I loved the ones where we “failed” nearly as much as the ones where we were successful as a team.  (“Cloudsitters” – DemoJam Winner at SAPTechEd Amsterdam 2013  Blog Video)

Now – in September 2017 – we got even higher than before.
1600ft on a 5 miles hiking trail to be more concrete. 😉

This blog is about an awesome trip with the ClueBus from SAP Inside Track Silicon Valley to SAPTechEd in Las Vegas.

I’ll share my view of these days in three steps:

  1. Explaining some terms that might be confusing if you never heard of them.
    I’ll avoid links to further information .. the search option powered by HANA is very powerful. 😉
  2. Photos and impressions .. as an appetizer for step 3
  3. Finally: Movie time.
    The Community Trip with the ClueBus
    .. that turned out to be “The GoatMovie” (15min)

Let’s go:

Explanations .. what .. when .. why

SAP Inside Track

A local grassroots event – driven by enthusiastic SAPCommunity members in many countries/cities all over the world.  SAPMentors initially started to host these events that are now a success story of their own.

Usually between 40-100 participants – speakers and participants found by self-registration via WIKI.

(I’m proud to be one of the founders of the SAP Inside Track in Frankfurt a.M. /Germany after enjoying and presenting at other SITs in the years before)

This blog here will take SAP Inside Track SiliconValley (#sintSV) in San Francisco 2017 as a starting point of this blog/video.



The platform formerly known as SCN => SAPCommunity(fkaSCN)
Your are already here at the moment – reading this blog published in SAPCommunity.



Not an official term, but the best I found to name the networking aspect and the binding between all the people – now that the term SAPCommunity is taken for the technical platform (fka SCN) as well.
Too bad that the hashtag #SCP is already taken by SAPCloudPlatform 😉

The cross-company networking of all peeps who like to share and learn about SAP aspects (meeting in real life at local or global events e.g. SAP Inside Tracks and using whatever platform like e.g. Twitter, Facebook)


The yearly conference by SAP in USA, Europe and Asia.

Covering all new and upcoming topic trends since 21 years. There are lectures from 30 minutes up to 2 hours. Hands-on sessions with up-to-date exercises .. brand new stuff you do not yet get at any training center. MiniCodeJams, ShowFloor and so much more.

And nowadays more than ever a strong connection with SAPCommunityPeeps.

Some selected sessions from SAPCommunity-active speakers are part of the official SAPTechEd agenda – you often identify these sessions by no free seats and people standing in the room. 😉 These sessions mostly were already a huge success at a local grassroots event (yes .. like SAP Inside Track)

SAPTechEd Las Vegas 2017 is the target destination of this blog/video.


(like ClueTrain)

An idea back in around 2008 when SAPCommunityPeeps like Craig Cmehil and Gregor Wolf coordinated a train trip through Germany to reach SAPTechEd in Berlin.

Others joined this fun trip and arrived together in Berlin.

This idea was picked up by Mark Finnern and Former Member in summer 2017. They organized a bus tour starting from the SAPInsideTrack Silicon Valley location. The #ClueBus idea was born.

Njål – as the CIO of Neptune Software , SAPMentor and enthusiastic community guy – was supporting the ClueBus tour as a sponsor with his company. Thanks mate, thanks Neptune!

While driving at night in this very special sleeper bus we had a full day at Yosemite Park on our way to SAPTechEd LasVegas – and a challenging hike ahead.

And finally:

Capra – the community goat

A little goat living on Twitter with its very own view on the SAPCommunity.

“Born” by Colleen Hebbert  and Susan Keohan with a winking eye while struggling with the daily SAPCommunity(fka SCN) work as moderators.
Capra materialized herself some weeks ahead of SAPTechEd Las Vegas and started travel plans to join the community in “real”.

Her legs are short, but with some volunteering goat herders her plans grew and she registered for #sitSV and the #Cluebus.
Follow her on twitter ( ) and send her a “Hi!”. Capra loves Community!

Travel planning

I was already planning to attend the #sitSV (and pushed Njal a bit to get the date fixed early). My travel plan originally included a Saturday around Palo Alto to visit Apple HQ, HANA Haus and Google) and booked a flight from San Jose to Las Vegas on Sunday.

The #ClueBus idea crossed my plan .. far too good to not participate.

In 1991 I travelled the WestCoast from SanDiego to Seatlle with two friends (thank you Patrik & Spori) for 7 weeks. We just finished school and army .. and made a trip I will always remember.
But for whatever reason I missed to climb up to the falls.
In 2017 the time has come ..

Finally, the updated travel plan looked like this:


Photos / Impressions

SAP Inside Track Silicon Valley  at Google
(no .. this is not the GoldenGate bridge, but the Oakland Bridge) 😉


Live Stream from SAP Inside Track Silicon Valley (recordings found at the event page)

I’m still wondering who own this notebook .. a “SAP Inside Track Frankfurt” branded gadget .. seems to be a long distance traveller 🙂

Me .. caught when taking the previous photo without knowing this is the streaming device 😉 LOL


Lunchtime .. the community goat Capra is doing heavy networking.


“Our” ClueBus .. with Mark Finnern SAPMentor StreetArt

The ClueBus trip
.. starting 9pm (Friday) in San Francisco and arriving in Las Vegas (Sunday at noon)

3 degrees Celsius – brrrrr – freezing cold .. and no hot coffee(!)
but a perfect weather for hiking in Yosemite Park

1600feet uphill and 5 miles (500m / 9km)

Preparations for the hike ongoing .. making bread and bread selfies

..and discussing which way to go uphill


… to reach the top of Verna Fall 🙂

The same place .. but without us 😉

Capra feels at home .. she is a mountain goat…

Easy going for mountain goats … 

not so easy for SAPMentors 😉    


It was a very special trip for me .. 10years SAPMentors 🙂 Thank you Mark!

Evening at a campsite … vegetarian BBQ .. Yummy
(It was close to a mutiny when the BBQ without meat was told to us 😉


It get’s cold at night at Yosemite:

“Campfire is like SoftwareDesign
.. always take care of the Frontend AND Backend” (Capra)

On the road …


Reaching Las Vegas .. waiting for SAPTechEd Check-In to be opened

.. while Capra and ClueBus dominate the twitter walls of SAPTechEd on Sunday and Monday


Finally, here it is:

           The Goat Movie – a ClueBus trip with SAPCommunity


Former Member Mark Finnern Robin & Monique van het Hof Mynyna Chau Former Member Former Member Andreas Sulejewski Ivan Femia Christian Braukmueller

 —->   The full Movie on YouTube (15 min)       <——–

and here inplace:



Additional links:

Mist Trail up to Vernal Falls and Clark Point

The original idea of a Clue-something .. the 2008th ClueBus:

SAP Inside Track Silicon Valley (Event page, Agenda, Link to recordings, ClueBus Invite)

Blog to SAPInsideTrack Silicon Valley


Photo Credits:
Always a pleasure to have Former Member on board .. and the most fantastic shots are probably his work. 😉

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      Author's profile photo Susan Keohan
      Susan Keohan

      Thank you Christian, for showing us what fun the community can be!  And for being such an amazing #goatherder.

      And how great that Mark Finnern 's @#cluebus idea came to fruition.

      I'm still wondering who won the 'smells like hell' contest after the #cluebus but somethings should remain secrets, I guess.

      Author's profile photo Mynyna Chau
      Mynyna Chau


      Fun memories, I miss this! Thanks for the flash back, Christian. Will never forget this awesome trip! After spending days with you guys and Capra, I am looking forward to seeing some of you again soon!

      Author's profile photo Jason Cao
      Jason Cao

      Thanks for the beautiful photos and video Christian!! Amazing how things come full circle and gives us a second chance to fulfill our goals!


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Great video Christian.  Should be an Oscar winner for best movie 2017/8 !! 🙂