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Author's profile photo Sankaran A

Bar Code Scanning in SAP ByD

SAP Business ByDesign, Cloud ERP system is built in with access of scanning the barcode in the warehouse confirmation task during inbound and outbound processes. This integrated barcode technology is widely used in the companies to reduce the costs, eliminate errors and efficiently streamline the business processes.

sap byd bar code

In SAP Business ByDesign, doing of warehouse task confirmation either Inbound / Outbound is much easier by just wave the scanner. This integrated technology in truly maximize the work efficiency. This eliminates the physical entry by effectively decreasing like livelihood of human errors. Using barcode, the system saves time and increases efficiency and accuracy.

Barcode Format

In SAP Business ByDesign, a specific format to be used for decoding

Format: 91P100001]C13009]C195EA

91 -> Product Identifier

P100001 -> Product ID

]C1 -> Delimiter

30 -> Quantity

09 -> Number of Quantity

]C1 -> Delimiter

95 -> Unit of Measure

EA -> Unit of Measure of the Product


Example, Barcode: (91)P100001(30)09(95)EA

How does access Barcode in SAP Business ByDesign?

  1. Login into SAP Business ByDesign
  2. Go to the Outbound Logistic -> Task Control Menusap byd bar code
  3. Choose your Inbound / Outbound Task control and click Confirm byd bar code
  4. You can see the Bar Code Input tab as shown in the above screenshot (Figure 2: Example of barcode format).
  5. Keep the cursor on the Bar Code Textbox. It will automatically read the input from the barcode scanner and display the respective product details at the line item level.

Third Party Integration

Is it easy to integrate Third party software with SAP Business ByDesign Task control part? Because they are already using third party software for the scanning purpose.

Yes, it is possible. We can easily send a Task control instant from outside of Business ByDesign using SOAP service.

SOAP Webservice Name: ManageSiteLogisticsTaskIn

Below you see the MaterialOutput section of the respective SOAP web service request. Normally we are using <ProductID> and <ActualQuantity unitCode> tag for warehouse confirmation. As an alternative, we are going to use the <AutomaticIdentification> tag with the <BarCodeText>.


sap byd bar code


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      Author's profile photo Luis Romero
      Luis Romero

      Hi Sankaran A

      Where is stored the bar code after read this. In the product master data?

      Thanks in advance



      Author's profile photo Sankaran A
      Sankaran A
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Luis,

      The Barcode is not going to save anywhere. Barcode scanner is like a Keyboard to enter the barcode input (This is barcode may be a product ID, whatever it may be) to the respective text box.

      Depends on the input, it is going to filter the data from product master and populate the product details.


      Sankaran A

      Author's profile photo Jimmy Belmans
      Jimmy Belmans


      I thougt that barcode scanning was no longer supported by BYD unless via other software.




      Author's profile photo Sankaran A
      Sankaran A
      Blog Post Author

      Nope, It is possible.

      Author's profile photo Johann Rosenstock
      Johann Rosenstock


      First of all: Great explanation how to work with the SAP Business ByDesign standard functionalities to use barcode scanning for logistic task confirmations!


      To improve and simplify logistic processes in ByDesign there is also a mobile application available called scan4cloud.

      In combination with the SAP Cloud Platform, scan4cloud provides easy-to-use functionalities for a comfortable handling of logistic task executions via handheld scanners or even smartphones. Barcodes can be configured to specific customer needs and warehouse task confirmations can be fully performed offline, just to name a few benefits.

      If you would like to learn more about scan4cloud and its ongoing roadmap, please visit scan4cloud for more information. A demo video is also available.


      Best regards

      Johann Rosenstock

      Author's profile photo Sankaran A
      Sankaran A
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Johann Rosenstock ,

      Wonderfull! Thanks for this useful information.



      Sankaran A

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thank you for the great introduction how the Barcode Input Codes can be issued to confirm logistic tasks in ByDesign!

      Do you also have any experience with third party solutions regarding mobile task execution?


      We are currently trying to investigate which possibilities we have to optimize our warehouse processes. A product called scan4cloud ( looks very promising to us.


      Author's profile photo Abdeslam Essahraoui
      Abdeslam Essahraoui


      I confirm its not possible to use standard BYD to confirme task , you must use vertical  mobile application

      Author's profile photo Fernando Huerta Carrera
      Fernando Huerta Carrera

      Hi Abdeslam,

      So for now it is not possible to use the standard barcode scanner?

      What mobile application should be used?



      Author's profile photo Abdeslam Essahraoui
      Abdeslam Essahraoui

      HI Sankaran


      i asked SAP about the standard solution to barcode for confirmation task , and they confirme that the old  SAP solution is obsolet.



      Author's profile photo Fernando Huerta Carrera
      Fernando Huerta Carrera


      Can I use this method to read the Barcode in a custome Work Center?



      Author's profile photo Abdeslam Essahraoui
      Abdeslam Essahraoui

      Hi Fernando

      yes you can



      Author's profile photo VISHAL KAMBARE

      Hi @sankaran.angamuthu

      Thanks for detailed blog.

      Very informative & one can start using this function just by reading the blog.


      My question is :

      "When we select the task to Confirm in system, products are already listed in the tasks & one has to pickup the same.

      When material is already specified (which one to pic up) what is the need of entering bar code?"


      What I know is when out of 1000s SKU's when product is selected randomly; there scanning bar code & picking correct product / SKU code is the requirement when one use Bar Code System...


      Please enlighten me on this.

      Regards, Vishal Kambare

      Author's profile photo Jet Chen
      Jet Chen

      I have the same question. It seems the bar code only help input the product quantity and Unit of Measure. Even I need to select Source Logistics Location manually.

      But isn't it easier to key in the product quantity and UOM directly in the line columns?

      On this UI , I could not get any benefit out of it.