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Making the case for Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Forrester Total Economic Impact study shows SAP ECM solutions are delivering $4.4M in benefits (Present Value) with a payback of 15.4 months, and an ROI of 68% over 3 years.

Nothing feels better than knowing that you are delivering on the promises made to your customers. Customer voice is paramount not only in addressing their challenges today, but also in supporting their journey in the future. The following customer quote from the Forrester TEI™ study[1] speaks volume on what is at the heart of bringing various pieces of the digital puzzle together.

“We needed a better way of managing millions of existing documents, plus over 10,000 new ones added every day. Previously, we had been doing that kind of work with other platforms loosely connected other ERP systems.  But what we had on hand at that point was really a collection of millions and millions of documents, without any real records management, so we had no way of knowing which of those could be moved or how to unmingle different kinds of document types. So, we decided to leverage the leading application and drive the design from the beginning.”

Director of enterprise asset management, utility

The growth of digital content has led to fundamental changes in business operations. Application silos and hierarchies once defined information flow and communications. But no longer. As processes and infrastructures evolve, the imperative for long-term ECM strategy is clear.

The move to public cloud, network of things, and hybrid IT landscapes is also changing the way we do business. You need a completely integrated IT model that brings a full view of information in real-time including data and content to keep up with your customer demands and compete in a hyper-connected global business environment. Solutions for ECM can help organizations realize the potential of digital information by enabling content relevance and ease of consumption for people in different roles throughout the enterprise.

To put it simply, ECM solutions provide the necessary context for your digital content, enabling people to come together and develop the ideas that drive innovation and competitive advantage

Forrester TEI™ study results are based on three content management solutions from SAP – SAP Extended ECM by OpenText, SAP Document Presentment by OpenText, and SAP Invoice Management by OpenText.

Forrester’s interviews with seven existing customers and subsequent financial analysis found that a model organization based on these interviewed organizations would see benefits of $4.4 million over three years versus costs of $2.6 million, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $1.8 million and an ROI of 68%.

The following risk-adjusted quantified present value (PV) benefits are representative of those experienced by the companies interviewed:

  • $1.29 million savings in remote access to archived documents.

A model organization can accrue $1.29 million over three years by giving access to data and technical diagrams to customer-facing field staff via mobile devices.

  • $504,000 in savings from automation of product documentation.

Forrester calculated $504,000 in time saved by merging product, customer, and compliance data to auto-generate documents from formerly siloed content residing in SAP Extended ECM.

  • $1.145M in savings through automation of invoice management and related vendor- and customer-correspondence.

Together, these are worth nearly $809,000, plus $336,000 in additional payment term discounts.

  • $1.5M in reduced costs from printer network streamlining, compliance cost reduction, storage cost savings, and decommissioning old tools.

These results are based on a comprehensive financial model used by Forrester, that can be used to estimate potential benefits of SAP content managements solutions in your organization.

Download the study now

We also encourage our customers and potential customers to leverage these findings in conjunction with their own analysis of potential investments in SAP content management solutions.

[1] The Total Economic Impact™ Of SAP Content Management Solutions, a September 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SAP.

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