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Once upon a time, my fashion start-up was easy to run: back in 2014, our team was made up of only me, my partner, and four recent design graduates from Goldsmiths University. We had a vision, to make shoes for the working woman that were comfortable, stylish, and light. Back then we were based in a coworking space in Shoreditch, and had no idea how successful we’d be—now our company takes up two floors of an office building in central London!

But in 2016, after a drop in employee satisfaction and a number of resignations, my partner and I had to think of a way to boost company morale. Because we didn’t have much experience working on these kinds of solutions, we looked around for external services, and found one that would change our company forever: SAP SuccessFactors.

If you want to boost company morale in your office, trust me: use SAP SuccessFactors. What are the many reasons they’re your best choice? Read on to find out.

  1. Make the feedback process transparent

    We’ve all been there. When the boss asks, “Are you happy at work?” it’s hard to give a direct honest answer. No one wants to risk losing their job over filing complaints. But because SAP SuccessFactors is one of the leading technologies offering Human Capital Management (HCM), they make it easier. Their system allows people to participate in feedback programs, provides an extension called SurveyRocks that makes sending out employee surveys easy, and allows you to begin a dialogue in real time.

  2. Help your employees grow

    SuccessFactors also helped us come up with a way to help our employees—and therefore our business—grow together. By providing us with something even better than HR—a talent development system—we were able to provide our employees with goals to meet throughout their careers. This made them more motivated and happier in their work.

  3. Make it easy for employees to access their benefits

    In our office, it’s always been important to make sure that our employees have the best benefits we can provide. From improved morale to lower turnover rates, there are plenty of reasons to provide benefits. But with our company growing so quickly, SuccessFactors was indispensable in providing us with their Employee Central’s Benefits module, which made it easier for our employees to learn about and use their benefits.

  4. Reward your hardest-working employees

    When we were just a team of six employees, it was easy to tell who was working hard and how to reward them. But now that our team takes up two floors, SuccessFactors has made it possible for us to track and gauge the success of each and every one of our employees—so no one ever feels like they’re being overlooked or underappreciated. Success Factors also offers an extension called JobPts, which gives instant digital rewards to employees whenever they reach milestones.

  5. Make training processes simpler

    If your employees don’t really know what they’re expected to know for their jobs, or even simple tasks such as how to log into the company database, you’re in for trouble. With our company growing so big so fast, we didn’t even realize how many new hires were frustrated by the old-fashioned training processes we were using! Luckily for us, SuccessFactors has totally streamlined our training processes, meaning everyone’s less frustrated and our office can run more efficiently.

  6. Improve employee get-togethers

    SuccessFactors also made it much easier for us to make employee outings more fun—and affordable, too! By providing us with a system that tracks details such as reasons for the event, number of people invited, and how to judge whether it’s successful, we can plan better events. This year already, we’ve swung our golf clubs at one of London’s coolest crazy golf venues, and gone on historical Stonehenge Tours that everybody loved!

  7. Hiring the right people

    Most importantly, ever since starting with SuccessFactors, we’ve been hiring the right people. This makes a difference because hiring the right people enhances your work culture and improves employee morale—not to mention saving you money and time. By implementing SuccessFactor’s Recruiting module, which gets us talent from around the world and makes scheduling interviews easier, we’re making everyone happier: our current employees, our clients, and, of course, the new people we’ve brought onto our team. As we’ve continued our growth as a company, this has been one of the greatest benefits of using SuccessFactors.

I could’ve never dreamed of all the benefits that SuccessFactors had—but as you can see, it’s made quite a difference in our London office! And SAP SuccessFactors, if you’re a growing company, can make a difference in yours, too.

What challenges is your company currently facing now? How do you think SuccessFactors can help? Tell us!

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