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How long do you think we’ll need to wait before we see self-driving vehicles on the road? Once they’re finally all connected you can guarantee SAP will have a large role to play when it comes to software.

Unfortunately, there are a few big questions people want answered. It’s hard to know how driverless cars will work if they continue to be ignored. We’ll look at the biggest concerns you’ve probably been wondering about too.

  1. Will Driverless Cars Run Anyone Over?

This was a good question injury attorney Bogdan Martinovich asked about recently. A driverless car obviously has a duty to protect the driver, so what will happen if a pedestrian walks in front of a vehicle?

The car could swerve to miss the pedestrian, but it would put the driver at risk. If it just kept driving someone might die. We’ll need to know how safe it is to drive or cross the road before self-driving cars become mainstream.

  1. Will The Police Still Pull You Over?

Why would the police pull you over if you’re driving an autonomous car? It would be weird if they arrested you because of something the software did wrong. They surely couldn’t justify throwing you in jail.

Maybe they won’t pull anyone over unless they think certain cars pose a danger to the public. They’ll just send a ticket to your home instead. Now it’s a question of who is responsible for paying the fine.

  1. What Will You Need To Pass Your Test?

At the moment you need to pass a test to get your license. Will you need to pass the exact same test if you want to sit in a driverless car? Why would you need to know how to drive if a car does all the work?

Maybe you won’t need a license to ‘drive’ an autonomous car. If not, will you still need to be a certain age before you’re allowed to sit behind the wheel? I’m sure lots of young people will be curious about this.

  1. Will You Have To Pay An Insurance Company?

How much do you spend on insurance every year at the moment? It’s hard to see why you’d need to continue paying for it once you own an autonomous vehicle. It won’t be your fault if the car crashes.

Maybe the manufacturer will be responsible for ensuring your car is fixed. There are talks of including insurance when you buy a driverless car. Hopefully, you save money whatever happens down the line.

  1. Will You Need To Buy Your Own Vehicle?

The software could actually play a bigger role than everyone thinks. This is because you might not need to own a driverless car. All you’ll need is an app on your smartphone and large companies will take care of the rest.

If you wanted to share rides with other people self-driving cars would pick you up and drop you at your destination. Who would spend money on a car when they have a robot chauffeur at their fingertips?

These Questions Need To Be Answered Soon

These questions need to be answered soon as it’s going to affect lots of things. Companies building cars or creating software will want to know the answers too. Everything should be sorted out within the next few years.

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  1. Rajprasath Subramanian

    Hey Andre…

    very good questions. Actually Self driving cars are run on the basis of Bayesian optimisation principle.It will calculate the distance away from the lane and adjust itself to the proper path. Model is designed in such a way that car will stop if it finds the man on the straight path and distance adjacent. As you know, insurance is needed because accidents may happen occasionally. But premium and all wont be increased.For passing the test- Lane distance adjustment is noted out.


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