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Logoff / Logout of a BSP

Logoff / Logout of a BSP

For many of you who struggled with session management on your custom BSP Applications look no further. Thanks to the Fiori landscape we now have a simple approach to killing the SAP session without having to go to the trouble of manually killing session cookies!




Activate the following ICF node



Create a hyperlink in your custom application to hit this server node:

<a href=”/sap/public/bc/icf/logoff”>Logout</a>



When you hit the logoff link in your application you will see the following:


For extra brownie points

If you are like me and dread seeing screens like the on shown above then you might want to create a redirect to a more application specific page, do the following.



1. Create an external Alias and point it to the Logoff ICF node.

2. In the error pages create a redirect to your custom logoff page, (Note: this page must be hosted somewhere public unless you are going to redirect back to your applications login screen)


Thanks and happy development.

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  • Its very useful information. About redirect to logon page - if you need to use redirect URL like below:



    and after "=" you should put full path to your webservice.