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SAP PI Mail attachment to File


  • Business scenario, where it is required to extract mail attachments and store it to some SAP directory.
  • Here, one common mail-id is been used by a group of users to send mail-attachments from their respective ends.
  • There may be two cases:
    1. One attachment per unread Mail
    2. Multiple attachment per unread Mail

 SAP PI Scenario details:

  • One SAP-PI’s “Mail to File Inbound Asynchronous” interface will be created to achieve above requirement.
  • Using Mail Sender Adapter, interface will read all mail with their attachments.
  • Using File Receiver Adapter, interface will download attachments to the directory.
  • Here only Integration Directory’s configurational objects are required.
  • As no message transformation is in scope, so Integration Repository objects are not required.


  • SAP-PI should have SMTP mail server accessibility
  • SAP-PI should have access to SAP ECC application server’s directory

Steps to develop Interface in SAP-PI:

In SAP-PI’s Integration Directory, we need to follow below steps to develop “Configuration Scenario” of “Mail to File Inbound Asynchronous” interface:

  • Note: Object naming conventions is for example purpose, it can be as per client’s conventions

[I]. Business Components: Create two business components, one for sender and other for receiver

  1. Sender Business Components
    • This will work on behalf on sender-side while reading Mails
    • Name it as SENDER_BS_COMP
  2. Receiver Business Components
    • This will work on behalf on receiver-side while storing attachments to directory Mails
    • Name it as RECEIVER_BS_COMP

[II]. Communication Channels:

Case-1: One attachment per unread Mail : (Sender/Receiver Comm. Channel Cofig.)

Here, with help of below config, one attachment can be easily extracted from unread mail to sap’ app directory.

Sender Mail Adapter Communication Channel:

Select ‘Mail Adapter’ to read mails from mail server and configure below details in channel “SENDER_MAIL_CHNL”:

  • We use ‘Transport Protocol’ IMAP4 (Internet Message Access Protocol) to retrieve e-mails from a folder of an e-mail server.
  • It reads mail from INBOX folder and post read, mark its status to ‘read’.
  • Using ‘Message Protocol’ XIPAYLOAD, The content of the e-mail is put in the payload of the XI/PI message.
  • Enable ‘Keep Attachments’ functionality while reading mails.
  • Enable ‘Set Adapter-Specific Message Attributes’ functionality while reading mails, this is required to get header details of message. From header details we extract attachment names.
  • As we need to extract all attachments of one mail, this can be achieved with help of below Module Beans:
  • Module Bean ‘PayloadSwapBean
    • With help of this bean, we swap main payload with 1st attachment
    • And with help of File-Receiver channel we will download it to sap app directory
  • Module Bean ‘MultipartHeaderBean
    • With help of this bean, we add the following values in dynamic configuration:
    • Attributes of other payloads that are appended to the XI message as an additional attachment

Receiver File Adapter Communication Channel:

Here, we use ‘File Adapter’ to download attachment to folder and configure below details in channel “RECEIVER_FILE_CHNL”:

  • 1st attachment is already ready to get downloaded, which is swapped with main-payload
  • Using ‘DynamicConfigurationBean’, get 1st attachment’s original name
  • Please note: Here, with this config we can not store multiple attachments from one mail to folder
  • Here ‘File Name Scheme’ is referring to variable which is defined in ‘Variable Substitution’
  • Define a variable ‘fname’ using Variable Substitution, which stores message interface name.
  • Use Module Bean ‘DynamicConfigurationBean’, to get 1st attachment’s original name using logic “Mail  Part[1].Content-Description” and set it to message interface name
  • Test Screens:
  • Unread mail in Mail-Inbox with one attachment
  • Mail-Content
  • Post Mail read by PI-Channel (Mail-Sender-Adapter), below is the channel log
  • Sxmb_Moni log:
  • And post attachment extraction by interface, file present in sap app directory



Case-2: Multiple attachment per unread Mail : (Sender/Receiver Channel Cofig.)

Here, we use a custom java adapter module at File-Receiver-Channel side.

  • For this case, we create a custom java adapter module, which will have below functionalities:
    • Read all attachments with their original names
    • and store them to sap directory
    • This module will require one user input as ‘SapDirPath’ which is sap directory path location, where attachments will be saved
    • This module will be used as Module parameters in ‘Receiver File Adapter communication Channel’
  • To create this custom java adapter module, please follow link as :
  • Sender/Receiver channel configurations are as below:

Sender Mail Adapter Communication Channel:


Receiver File Adapter Communication Channel:

  • Here, using File Receiver, one Temp file (Test.dat) will be generated in directory, which will keep on over-writing every time. This file is of no business use, it is used only to complete channel config.
  • Now one custom adapter module will be used, which will have below functionalities:
    • Read all incoming attachments from inbound message
    • Store it to folder path with original attachment names
    • This module requires one input which is sap directory path location ‘SapDirPath’
  • Below Module configurations required in File-Receiver-Channel for custom adapter module access, that require input as FolderPath
  • And below is the test screen which depicts how multiple attachments from one unread mail gets extracted and store to sap directory
  • For Testing example, below case considered:
  • Incoming Mail to (mail-id), which need to be read by interface:
  • Below is PI’s SXMB_MONI log, in which Mail adapter has forwarded all attachments to receiver channel side
  • Below is log of File-Receiver-Channel, in which Custom adapter module’s log can be seen
  • and at last, screen of sap directory where files are been stored by custom module


[III]. Receiver Determination

  • receiver determinationis required to specify the receiver or receivers of the message, as well as conditions for the forwarding of the message to the receiver or receivers
  • Here we create it with below parameters:
Communication Component SENDER_BS_COMP
Interface INT_MailToFile
Namespace NM_MailToFile
Communication Component  *
Configured Receiver RECEIVER_BS_COMP

[IV]. Interface Determination

  • An interface determination is required to specify the inbound interface of a specified receiver that a message is to be sent to. We can also define mappings here, if required.
  • Here we create it with below parameters:
Communication Component SENDER_BS_COMP
Interface INT_MailToFile
Namespace NM_MailToFile
Communication Component RECEIVER_BS_COMP
Receiver Interfaces
Name INT_MailToFile
Namespace NM_MailToFile

[V]. Sender Agreement

Communication Component SENDER_BS_COMP
Interface INT_MailToFile
Namespace NM_MailToFile
Communication Component
Sender Communication Channel SENDER_MAIL_CHNL

[VI]. Receiver Agreement

Communication Component SENDER_BS_COMP
Interface INT_MailToFile
Namespace NM_MailToFile
Communication Component
Receiver Communication Channel RECEIVER_FILE_CHNL


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  • Hi Dilip!

    Wouldn’t you please provide more detailed explanation of how multiple attachements within one message are processed. I guess it’s not clear enough. For now I could see the logic to send the first attachment only. Or did I miss anything?

    Regards, Evgeniy.

    • Dear Evgeniy Kolmakov

      With help of above Interface,

      • Mails having multiple attachments can be read
      • and all attachments (like pdf, excel, file) of a mail from Mail-Inbox can be downloaded to folders
      • Post read, each mail will have status ‘UnRead’

      About, how multiple attachments get downloaded to folders, below are the details:

      At Sender side:

      • Module parameter “PayloadSwapBean“, swaps 1st attachments with main-payload.
      • “MultipartHeaderBean” adds the following values in dynamic configuration:
        • Attributes of other payloads that are appended to the XI message as an additional attachment.

      At Receiver Side:

      •  With help of “DynamicConfigurationBean” and “Variable Substitution” interface is able to download multiple attachments in to the directory


      I hope, above clarifies things.


      Thanks & Regards,


  • Hi Dilip!

    1. Receiver file adapter doesn’t support working with attachments.
    2. When you use PayloadSwapBean, payloads are swapped – attachment is moved to main payload and the main payload, if any, moved to attachment (as module name even says).
    3. DynamicConfiguration attributes and Variable Substitution are intended to be used with main payload, not with attachments.

    So let me ask: have you ever tried to implement the scenario you describe in your blog?

    Regards, Evgeniy.


    • Dear Evgeniy Kolmakov

      This is a working scenario, can download multiple attachments of a mail to directory.

      • Mail Adapter Module parameters
      • File Adapter Module Parameters
      • And SXMB_Moni log screen

      As per above log screen, when Mail adapter reads a mail, it forwards all its attribute to receiver side.

      Now using ‘DynamicConfig‘ and ‘variable substitution’ parameters, interface can download attachments to folders.


      Thanks & Regards,


        • Dear Evgeniy Kolmakov

          At receiver side, in mapped folder, we get all attachments with their original naming conventions and file extensions (pdf, excel, txt…etc.)

          And thank you for your time and detailed observations, that made me understand, how one blog should be more informative for clear picture of the Idea.


          Thanks & Regards,


        • Agree with Eve , reading multiple attachment from sender mail was never an issue . But the main concern was to drop all the attachments via one single message. Additional in your File channel you are reading Attachment name from Part[1]Content-Description  which will always have the first attachment name only and channel will always drop only the first attachment as you have swapped with first attachment only  .Also i believe you have variable substitution also as you needs to assign the message.interface for filename attribute of file channel.

          I am really not a blogger but my suggestion is to always put a screenshot of your config as picture talks more than 1000 words.



          • Dear Eve/Manoj,

            You both are right, about below things:

            • File Receiver adapter can’t handle multiple attachments
            • Part[1]Content-Description  which will always have the first attachment name only and channel will always drop only the first attachment as you have swapped with first attachment only

            About above blog:

            • It reads mail with multiple attachments, forwards all attachments with main-payload to receiver side, and stores only 1st attachment in to the directory using configured parameters in Receiver-File-Adapter-channel.
            • Multiple attachment is been downloaded with help of Receiver-SFTP-Adapter-Channel using same Module config, but few corrections still required, I am working on it.


            I will re-update blog with new details shortly.

            Thanks & Regards,


          • Yes Dilip you are right with SFTP you can handle it as there is option of “Store Attachment” along with additional Parameter retain.attachment name . But in this case you need to drop only all the attachments so you need to find a way to suppress the main payload.


          • I never tried, but if we want to store the multiple attachments with main payload, we can add all main payload and attachments in zip file. send that zip file as main payload and create that zip file as output file in the folder.

            later unzip using either module or command line.



  • Hi,


    here my logs:



    And here are message informations listed:


    Here is my mail Test:

    As you can see here, the part “description isn’t listed. But the clu is. When I download the file and send this file from my mail account to the folder, than it will be correctly picked up and all informations comes through. I’ve checked also the differences. The origin message is send  “text/plain” content type and charset in  utf-8. My mail was send with “text/html charset in ISO-8859-1

    • Hi Ahmet!

      Content-Description headers are optional and are often used to add descriptive text to non-textual body parts.

      I guess that you should check both Content-Disposition and Content-Description headers to get file name.

      Regards, Evgeniy.

  • Hi Evgeniy,


    but both are empty in case of origin mail procession.

    Or the name isn’t correctly set in disposition. There you find only “attachment”, not the name of the file.

    Check my screens.




    • Hi Ahmet,

      As in your message log too,

      • write property message.interface from key ([1].Content-Description with value null;
      • so in this case you will get filename = Receiver ServiceName only

      So case may be, either mail is not having any attachment or either Mail-Adapter is not picking up mail attachment or either swapping is not taking place properly.

      Please re-verify your Sender Mail config, and you can cross check with below my side logs:


      Thanks & Regards





  • Hi Dilip,

    There is only one difference between my communication variant and yours.


    I have a FTP Adapter on receiver side and you’re using nfs?

    Is this the problem? can the current FTP adapter not proceed all send message information’s?




  • I’ve also tried your second example regarding Custom/MailtoFile

    and there I get the error message below:

    In this case I#ve also used the FTP-Adapter

    • Hi Ahmet,

      If you check log, JAM is getting a “.csv” file, but while dropping it to the given directory path it raises exception.

      Check if PI have access to directory path or if such directory exists.

      And please note, that JAM example is properly working with File-NFS, but not tested with FTP




  • Hey Dilip,

    option 2 worked fine and I could import the file in NFS mode correct name in local folder!

    But, I’ve seen it generates minimum two file. One of these is the dummy file, which is named in “Process” menu. In you example you had named it “test.dat”.

    Thanks alot for your help!




    • Hey Ahmet,

      Nice to hear that your issue gets resolved,

      but in option 2, there is no need of var substitution, becasue all multiple attachments gets strored in sap’s directory using JavaAdapterModule (JAM) functionality itself.

      JAM requires dirPath and for..loop runs for each file to store them in this path


      Thanks & Regards,


      • Yes, your’re right that was my temporarily fault. Therefore I’ve changed the message. 🙂

        But the second file will be generated as I wrote.


        • Dear Ahmet,

          Just for more clarity, please find following details w.r.t. “JavaAdapterModule (JAM) example for multiple Mail attachment download” :

          • About file ‘test.dat’
            • File Receiver channel will always generate this file with overwriting feature as per shown channel config, this is a dummy file (is of no use as per business) but required to complete the scenario
            • Here, please note, we are not using fileName and filePath input parameter references of File-Receiver-Adapter while saving multiple mail attachments.
          • About ‘JAM’
            • Applied on File-Receiver-Adapter channel has separate input parameter ‘SapDirPath’ where multiple mail attachments will get downloaded.
            • In given example, mail has 4 attachments, which get downloaded in given path
            • And if we look inside JAM code, below screen section code downloads each attachment
            • JAM Link ref:



          Thanks & Regards,


  • Great blog!.

    Hoping you can reply.

    By any chance is there any “how to” to setup some java mapping in a Mail Sender to IDOC that can read per the attachment included?

    For instance shares email as a way for a partner to send invoice emails as PDF attached, if vendor is sending a PDF+XML this goes to a Provider government Party.

    But if the vendor only sends a PDF, then this should be handled by an old integration.

    Is there a way to set some sort of module + java mapping code that can do this?.

    • Hi Alvaro,

      Same can be done via CustomAdapterModule or JavaMap having with below functionality:

      • identify if PDF + XML comes, extract XML and club it like strcture of multipleIdoc (assuming all belong to same IDoc) and pass it as an output document for IDoc receiver channel
      • but in case of pdf file only, where you want to handle scenario with some other old integration, we need to work around with dyanmicConfigVar, we need to check if we can switch interface based on this Var.


      Thanks & Regards



  • Hi Dilip

    Great blog!.

    Hoping you can reply.

    I am trying to connect with gmail using imap4 but not getting any response. I have used the below URL.


    I have already open port 993 for imaps protocol. Should i need to anything for SSL?

    Please suggest.



    • Hi Sudipta,

      You may require to do below things:

      • Manage Firewall rule to allow access for ‘’ and respective Port.
      • About SSL, I think, you may need to import, to cross verify, just test the scenario without SSL first, use XPI-Inspector for the Mail-channel and if you get “Peer certificate rejected” like error, then importing SSL will resolve.

      Thanks & Regards


  • Hi Dilip,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful blog.

    I hope you will able to help me on my requirement and its almost similar to this blog.

    We have a requirement where we will get one attachment with multiple sheets coming through mail attachment and needs to detach the attachment and post to file location. Would you be able to help me on how to handle multiple sheets in one .xls file please?






    • Dear Lovaraju Gudivada,

      With respect to your queries, please find below comments

      1st Query which is:

      We have a requirement where we will get one attachment with multiple sheets coming through mail attachment and needs to detach the attachment and post to file location.


      one attachment with multiple sheets means one excel file having multiple sheets.

      Extract it and place into some folder location of SAP-ECC-App directory.

      If above understaning is correct w.r.t. your query, then This blog has answer for same, please refer. section ” Case-1: One attachment per unread Mail : 


      2nd query which is:

      Would you be able to help me on how to handle multiple sheets in one .xls file please?


      Is it like, you want to split one excel file’s multiple sheets into separate excel file and store it into directory ?

      If so, then you have to use Java Map for spiting.


      Thanks & regards,


  • Hi Dilip,

    Thank you so much Dilip. I have actually followed the same above steps before came to you but due to a small mistake in the config it didn’t worked for me. Now yes i have resolved it and it is perfectly working for me.


    Much appreciated.




  • Hi Dilip,

    I have implemented this scenario for our requirement but unfortunately i am getting the same issue what Ahmet faced for the option 1.


    • write property message.interface from key ([1].Content-Description with value null;
    • so in this case you will get filename = Receiver ServiceName only

    This is strange such a way that it was happening for 1 or 2 first files every day when we are posting around 30 files. But as Ahmet mentioned if i download the content from monitoring for the failed one and save it on our desktop and send it to mail then this time successfully processing. I couldn’t be able to find any difference whats wrong with the file because it was success when we post second time.


    Kindly let me know if you have solution in your notice.






    • Hi Lovaraju,

      I haven’t faced any such surprising case, I doubt if I can help u. Will surly let you know, if any related content comes in my notice. Just a suggestion, please re-check channel configurations once again.

      And about “how single attachment per mail scenarios works ? ” its like below:

      1. Mail comes with single attachment and Mail-Content (main payload)
      2. Mail read by Sender-MAIL adapter, it swaps main payload with attachment
      3. thus Receiver-File adapter receives attachment content which it stores into directory with the name of actual attachment (this is done by setting like “write property message.interface from key ([1].Content-Description with value Sample1.txt)


      Thanks n regards,


  • Fine Dilip I will have a look but i have exactly configured the same as you did.

    I am wondering if subject and attachment name and body has a same name is causing an issue hence have asked sender to do some change to subject and body will see how it goes from the next run.


    will keep you update.




  • In this scenario vendors are not accessing SAP directly, they are only sending details to the desired email address as an attachment, SAP PI is accessing the data from the email and processing further. Can anyone tell me in this scenario SAP license will impact directly or not as vendors will be involved in the process however they are not using SAP directly or indirectly. Please advise at earliest.

    • Hi Sanjoy,

      You check with your Basis/Admin guys once.

      In my view, there is no SAP license imapct w.r.t. Vendors who sends mails to the desired common email address.

      It’s SAPPI, who reads mails and drops attachments to SAPECC server directory, and this happens through background SAPPI user-ids.