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Establishing communication between Backend ABAP and the SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI)

This is a scenario we have built for integration between ECC and 2 Financial Institutions using SAP Cloud Platform Integration. In another Blog we will show the configuration between the SAP Cloud Platform Integration and the Banks.

Below we show you the step by step.

In our example the Backend ABAP directly calls the SAP Cloud Platform Integration without using the SAP Cloud Connector

Step 1 – Soamanager Configuration (Backend ABAP)

In the user name field, enter the user and password that has access to the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Tenant.

Step 2 – SMICM Configuration (Backend ABAP)

If you get the error below, the HTTPS protocol is probably not active on your Backend server.

Error when calling SOAP Runtime functions: SRT: Couldn’t create Object: (“ICF Error when creating HTTP client object by Config for URL “”: ARGUMENT NOT FOUND”)

To establish secure communication between the ECC and the SAP Cloud Platform Integration it is necessary to enable the HTTPS protocol in the ABAP Backend.

Transaction SMICM à Goto à Services

Make sure the HTTPS service is active.To enable the Parameter, place the parameter below in transaction RZ10.

icm/server_port_2                           PROT=HTTPS, PORT=4300, TIMEOUT=90, PROCTIMEOUT=1800


Step 3 – Added SAP Cloud Platform Integration Certificate on ABAP Backend Server

You must add the SAP Cloud Platform Integration certificate to establish a secure connection and prevent the error below:

SOAP:1.023 SRT: Processing error in Internet Communication Framework (“ICF error when receiving the response : ICM_HTTP_SSL_ERROR”)

Access the URL of your Tenant SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Save the certificate in your local machine.

Step 4 – Go to STRUSTSSO2 Transaction

Make sure you are in the anonymous option


After this configuration, you must restart ICM.

You are now ready to make calls from your backend to SAP Cloud Platform Integration.

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  • In our example the Backend ABAP directly calls the SAP Cloud Platform Integration without using the SAP Cloud Connector

    Strictly speaking, that is the only way; you cannot route such a call through Cloud Connector.



  • Hello,

    Nice blog! I have the following issue: I performed the same actions on my backend, but I still get the following error:

    [Thr 10608] *** ERROR => SSL handshake with failed: SSSLERR_PEER_CERT_UNTRUSTED (-10)

    Any idea of what can be wrong?

    Do you know if there is an obligation to have a CA signed certificate? I'm doing this just for testing purposes in a development instance...

    Best regards,

    Marco Silva

  • Dear friends, additional information, since 2019 it is not necessary 
    to install the * hci certificate only the Root that is available at the 
    Best Regards,
    Everton Mazzer
  • Hi Guys,


    In Addition to above steps, does it require network team to whitelist the IP Range of CPI so that On premise ECC can push data to CPI via SOAP ?