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SAP HANA System Copy- Homogeneous Recovery Method Using HANA Studio

SAP HANA system copy Procedure- Below is the HANA System copy using Recovery method from PRD to QAS using Hana Studio

  • Take the backup of HANA PRD system
  • Copy/Move the backup form PRD Host to QAS Host
  • Ensure that QAS is having enough space for Backup.
  • Login to Hana Studio of QAS system with ID “SYSTEM”.
  • After Login to QAS system, go to Backup and recovery option.

  • From there select recover system option. Once you select this option database will shut down to process recovery.

  • Once the system got shut down, recover screen will open. Kindly select the option based on your requirement. Since I am doing refresh from PRD to QAS with Data backup. I selected the Last option.

  • If you want to backup from the specific path where the data file is stored, select option “Specify backup without catalog”.

  • Now provide the backup path and the same backup prefix name there in the “Backup Data file”.

  •  Provide the New license key path or you can skip this option and you can update license after recovery.


  • Make sure the backup file copied from the PRD system have proper permission of QAS system.

  • Once the recovery completed successfully, the database will start automatically. Make sure all services are running in HANA DB.
  • Please follow below steps at application Server:
    • Modify the default key hdbuserstore on the application servers and the DB instance.
  •                  Go to /usr/sap/<SID>/hdbclient   and execute the belowhdbuserstore set default <dbhost>:<dbport> <dbuser> <dbpassword>
    • Unlock the SAP<SID> and DBACOCKPIT ids in HANA DB.
    • Change the /dbs/hdb/schema parameter value to <Source schema value> in RZ10 DEFAULT.PFL
    • Try to check the R3tans –d in application server to establish a connection to the HANA DB, if the result is RC = 12. Analyse the trans.log file.

After changing all the things in Application server, start the SAP using cmd “STARTSAP R3”.

  • Next install the license key for application server and HANA if not installed during recovery.
  • Once the SAP system service started, kindly run the transaction to complete the post refresh activities SICK, SGEN, BDLS, RZ10, RZ12, SCOT, SOST do the changes.
  • Call transaction SECSTORE.
  • Choose “Execute” (F8).In the entries that are displayed, delete the entry /HMAC_INDEP/RFC_INTERNAL_TICKET_4_TRUSTED_SYSTEM if it is marked with a red traffic light.In the entries that are displayed, delete the entry /HMAC_INDEP/RFC_EXTERNAL_TICKET_4_TRUSTED_SYSTEM if it is marked with a red traffic light.
  • In transaction SE37, execute the function module RFC_PING with the destination NONE. If the system displays an error message, execute the function module RFC_PING again; the error message cannot appear a second time in this case.

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