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Responsive sample mail template for SAP Business ByDesign Campaign Execution

SAP Business ByDesign allows to design and send personalized and device independent e-mails. You can:

  • Design responsive e-mail templates in HTML5 to enforce layout and corporate identity in external editors like Dreamweaver.
  • Personalize the templates with placeholders e.g. for person name or response codes
  • Upload and test HTML templates from external editors
  • Send the right language version of the mail templates to each recipient based on his language preferences.
  • Track responses like mails, phone calls but also sales documents like leads or orders.

The responsiveness of a mail template is controlled by an inline CSS which provides styles which determine how text, pictures and tables behave on the various mail clients and form factors.

Here you can download the source code of a responsive HTML mail template including placeholders for ByDesign. You can use it as a starting point for building your own mail templates or just to test the responsive mailing capabilities of SAP Business ByDesign.

Here are the most important placeholders for your ByDesign mail templates:

  1. Formatted name of the corporate or private account:
  2. Account name (Corporate Account) or first name (Private Account):
  3. Additional name (Corporate Account) or last name (Private Account):
  4. Name of the title, for example, Mr. or Mrs (Private Account):
  5. Formatted name of the contact person of a corporate account:
  6. Personal campaign response code which is generated during the execution of the campaign:
  7. Opt-out link to withdraw marketing consent to get excluded in mailings:
    • Remark: This placeholder can be used to create a mailto-link within the e-mail. It must be put inside the value of the HREF attribute of the anchor tag. When clicking on the link ByD will automatically create an activity in ByDesign for the contact or account which notifies the sales & marketing employees to exclude the person in future mailings.Example:
      <a href="mailto:{/FormCampaignExecutionPlaceholder/MailingPermissionDenyMailToURI}">Click here to reject marketing e-mail consent.</a>



The pictures for mail templates can be found below.


1 . Fashion Template

2. Sports Template


3. Retail Template


4. Financial Service Template

5. Consumer Products

6. Chemical / Pharma


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    • Hi Fernando,

      easiest way to track opens is to use e.g. open source tools like PIWIK which you probably anyway use as part of your web tracking.

      In the mail you send from ByD you just enter a code snippit (either HTML or JS) which tracks the opens. Here is an example with PIWIK: but any other tool works similar.




        • Hi Kevin,

          you can propose this in our ideas forum. In general I think it would make a lot of sense to introduce automatic tracking of opens and clicks

          Here you can propose this and allow customers and partners to vote for it:





  • Hi Jan,

    thanks for the information, it is very useful.  I have two questions:

    1. With these tools, you will have to track the opens in the PIWIK website. Is there any way that the opens information flow directly to ByD, so you could track it directly in the ByD campaign?
    2. Assuming that you have to track it in PIWIK, what it is important is to be able to track the opens per campaign. In the video you posted the example is related to website visits tracking, I guess that you can put some identifiers in the code snippit in order to know not only if an email has been opened but also to know which campaign that email belongs to.



    • Hi Fernando,

      here are my answers:

      • 1. Yes, you would use your web tracking for gathering opens. In order to see the success in ByD analytics you might want to create a cloud data source with the business analytics work center.
      • 2. Tools like PIWIK allow you also to hand over parameters like "....?campaign=1234&product=boiler….." in the query string of the URL which is actually tracked.

      You basically need to embed those information snippits into your mail and transmit it to web tracking via die URL.



  • Dear Jan,

    By using direct email campaign,the response from the receiver email will update the campaign response and follow up to the lead generation automatically in ByD?



    • Hi Vijay,


      yes, responses can be added and tracked but the assignment needs to be done manually either from the campaign or the follow-up document (e.g. mail, appointment, sales order...)





  • Jan,

    We've recently started sending mass emails out via the ByD system and have had a high rate of users not being contacted with "Invalid Email Address" as the reason. After review of this list, I noticed people that work within my organization whose emails are valid but had out office messages up, which caused a "soft" bounce, are being tagged with the E-mail Invalid in their user profiles and can now no longer receive emails. If this is happening internal to my organization it must be the same for those external. I'm being told by support that any bounce received by the ByD system enables this E-mail Invalid tag on the profile. This is very concerning to me.

    Is the system unable to decipher between bounced email types and if not, is there a way to turn this feature off?

    Is it possible to do a mass update to change multiple contacts back to valid at once or is this a "one-by-one" fix?


  • Hello Jan,

    I am currently taking the Bydesign open sap course. Please, can I have the link to download the source code of a responsive HTML mail template including placeholders for ByDesign because it seems to have expired?.


    • Hi Ajumuka,

      you find the sources also in the test system for the OpenSAP course. In the meantime I have extended the sharing so it should be working now. Please try again.