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We’ve been talking about mobile sites for years, but it’s now time to do something about it. If a website isn’t responsive today it could cripple a business. Companies should be optimizing websites for smartphones if they want to keep making lots of money.

Everyone knew the day would eventually arrive when those optimized for desktops would disappear. If you’re still living in the past it’s imperative you do something about it. Here are a few reasons why you need to take action even though it won’t necessarily be easy.

The Google Mobile Index Is Real

Have you heard much about Google’s Mobile Index yet? They’re the biggest search engine in the world, so if they do something it will affect you. This could be one of the biggest changes we’ve ever seen.

Google would always optimize its search engine with desktop computers in mind, but now they’re moving in the opposite direction. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile you’ll drop down the rankings.

Give People A Better Experience

When you’re designing an app the most important thing you’ve got to take into consideration is user experience. When someone is on their phone they don’t want to mess around with any apps that cause them nothing but hassle.

How do you think visitors feel at the moment when they have to navigate around your site? Once they land on a page most people will be scared away quickly. If each page is designed with phones in mind they’ll want to stay.

Mobile Traffic Now Reigns Supreme

Do you remember when you used to check where your traffic was coming from? There was a time not long ago when over 90 percent of your traffic would come from desktops. If mobile traffic was higher you’d be an exception to the rule.

We’re now witnessing a 180-degree turn. Most of your traffic is likely to arrive from mobile devices. If you don’t do your best to please those visitors you’re basically throwing money away.

Responsive Designs Adapt To Anything

It’s hard to know what size the newest phone screens will be because they keep changing. You’ve also got tablets to think about. Your website needs to look great on any mobile device someone is using.

With so many different screen sizes responsive design is crucial because it will adapt to anything. When you’re updating your site you won’t need to test it on various screens to see how it looks.

It Will Boost Your Conversion Rates

There are a lot more people building websites today versus a decade ago. That means there is a larger number of webpages competing for every keyword. Bootstrapping a website is harder than it’s ever been.

It’s different if you have money because it allows you to do other things. Acquiring more backlinks is the perfect example. If you want more money you’ll need to increase your conversion rates using a responsive site.

You’ll Fall Even Further Behind

The best businesses are already completely focused on mobile visitors, so each day you wait is another wasted. They’re pulling further ahead of you while we speak. Optimize your website for mobile devices before you do anything else.

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