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In 2016, the digital marketing industry saw an astonishing 40 percent growth. In 2017, everyone is all the buzz about what the future hold in the realm of digital marketing. Digital marketers are poised to completely control the customer experience, that’s for sure.

Just this year in a WFA and Ebiquity report, it was estimated that a little over two-thirds of major brands are committing themselves to increased investment in the area of digital advertising by 40 percent.

The contributing factors behind this abrupt growth are many, and there are not any real concrete answers to what exactly is at its root. We can say that mobile has definitely been one of the biggest kinetic forces behind what driving the proliferation of digital marketing today.

We also have the relatively new Internet of Things. And while it is still a new concept, it hasn’t wasted time in playing a huge role in defining this whole brand new marketing landscape that consumers are now enjoying. With all of the expert predictions and proposed opportunities, combining all that digital marketing has to offer now and on into the future will bring us to some really profound experiences – this I truly believe.

Social Consciousness Reshaping How We Market to the World

Who can forget the hidden camera style ad videos that we all the viral craze for some time? Admittedly, there were some good ones. One of my favourites was that Burger King “Whopper Freakout”. These type of “WTF will happen next” online marketing videos became the de facto style for years. And though you can still find some marketers still using them, a little Googling about shows that they lost popularity going out of 2015 into the beginning of 2016.

What has begun to replace practical jokes and hilarious pranks in the digital marketing world is “emotional marketing.” And though humour sparks emotion (in our funny bones), people are looking for a new type of emotional connection – they’re looking for something that touches them. Look at Humans of New York. As simple as the concept is, it grabs onto the heartstrings – made me almost want to cry a few times.

Consumers are constantly bombarded with bad news. This is coupled with the fact that they are more than fed up with fake news and big business lying to them about everything from global warming to why we are going to war. Consumers more than ever want to connect with their fellow man. Digital marketers are aware of this need and harnessing it to great success.

Anyone Who Wants Their Brand to Survive Had Better Master SEO

I was reading a very interesting article from Snap Agency about the big dos and don’ts when it comes to SEO. Even for me who has years of experience in the industry, I found it quite refreshing. In one of their articles Snap posted, it said, “There’s always some new technique or strategy touted as the Big New Thing in SEO. Learning about the latest SEO enhancements can interesting and even fun. But nothing beats the basics.” Nothing can so true.

Whether you are having a go at doing your own content and SEO work or hiring an agency to do it, it’s always better to avoid resorting to the quick fix methods so many SMBs are tempted to adopt. In the long run, these methods do not work for the long run. Snap listed a couple of things every site should have.

  • Key-word rich content coupled with local optimization
  • Backlinks from high ranking sites

Using data analytics tools such as SAP Crystal Reports also give you an edge. SAP’s business intelligence software is able to ” … design and deliver meaningful business reports based on data from virtually any source.” With BI software such as this, doing things the old-fashioned way will just leave you way behind the pack.

In today’s hectic, dog-eat-dog market, learning new tricks may be a good idea. Nevertheless, it is also good to stick to some of the tried and true old school methods as well. Digital marketing is here to stay for a long time. Anyone who wants to grown their business needs to learn all they can about it – as well as be hands on.

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