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How to create the RTC Amount Key Figure

Updated on 31st January 2018 – Key Figure for Rates and Ownership.

Although the RTC implementation documentation implies the use of the standard key figure /ERP/RTC_AMO, this InfoObject in fact is not part of the RTC BI Content, as stated in SAP Note 2460119 Missing Key Figure /ERP/RTC_AMO and Characteristic /ERP/RTCMODEL in System of Real-Time Consolidation 

Bear in mind that this post was created based on the 1610 FSP01 release.

The reason for RTC to have this special key figure is because normal amount key figures will have a compounding unit characteristic such as 0CURRENCY. When mapping the currency characteristic to BPC, this dimension requires additional properties to be used in the consolidation process and those standard unit characteristics do not allow that, without mentioning problems with the compounding characteristic in the backend.

At the same time, if we create a key figure type number – decimal (17,3) or floating point (16,16), it is not possible to choose neither the length nor the decimal places. BPC expects a DEC(28,2) – even though the CONSL_SL field in the ACDOCC table is DEC(23,2).

This blog will list the steps to create and customise the key figure to be used in the BW and BPC modelling side of Real-time Consolidation.

1- Create a Key Figure type DEC

In transaction code RSD1 enter the KF, display and double-click on the Data Element, the domain assigned by the system is RSKYFNUM – type DEC (17,3).


2 – Enhancing the key figure

Although the amount key figure is not delivered, the DDIC domain with the exact requirements is: RTC_AMOUNT – Domain of RTC Amount.

Before proceeding, confirm (via SE11) you have this domain in your system. If not, create a custom one as below:

Then go to SE16 and enter table RSDKYF. In the selections screen, input your newly created key figure in KYFNM.

In change mode, update the field DOMANM of both version A and M to RTC_AMOUNT.

After saving go to the key figure again and re-activate and it’s done! Simple as that.

You can now assign your key figure and /ERP/RTCCURR to your BW and BPC, RTC modelling.

Additional – Rates and Ownership key figure

For situations where more than 2 decimals is required you will need to create an additional key figure and domain to specify the required decimals. This will be required mainly for assumption data sources as exchange rates and ownership cube.

For this situation, simply create a new domain and a new key figure and follow the same steps above. Below is an example of the domain and KF:

The key figure with additional decimals should not be used in the RTC Virtual Info Cube because the CONS_SL in ACDOCC is decimals 2.

Reference: Customizing the Domain for Key Figures



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      Author's profile photo Daniel Valle
      Daniel Valle

      Hi Lucas,

      Thank you for the information, complementing your post and taking advantage of the answer you made in this question:

      I understand that the KeyFigure created for the RTC models, can be used on the Ownership and Rates models as well.

      It is right?


      Author's profile photo Lucas Costa
      Lucas Costa
      Blog Post Author

      Yes, correct.

      Author's profile photo Daniel Valle
      Daniel Valle


      Hi Lucas,

      Recently I have some problems with the ownership Real Time Infocube, I think that this issue is related with the keyfigure, What do you think?

      In the Ownership manager when I try to save numbers with three or more decimals, the system makes an automaticaly rounding and only save two decimals, when I check the data in the infocube I can confirm that the system saves the data with rounding. I made the same excersise using an input query to write directly in the infocube but I had the same effect.

      I hope you are well, regards!
      Dan Valle

      Author's profile photo Lucas Costa
      Lucas Costa
      Blog Post Author



      Hi Daniel,

      Yes, if you define the KF with the domain delivered by SAP the system will round to 2 decimals.

      I had a similar situation with rates where we need at least 4 decimals so I created a custom domain + custom KF (I updated the blog post) and assigned this one instead of RTC_AMOUNT - the rest of the procedure is the same.


      Author's profile photo Daniel Valle
      Daniel Valle

      It Works!

      We create a new KF and a new domain.

      We had some problems so that it took the changes of the new domain, even when we made the change in the RSDKYF table it was necessary to re-activate the Data element; We could not do this from Hana Studio, so it was necessary to do it from the RSD1 transaction using the trick of putting NOHDB to be able to edit the object directly in S/4.

      The change affected the Queries and WorkBooks already created, which we had to update.

      Thank you very much Lucas!


      Dan Valle!

      Author's profile photo Victor Arroyo
      Victor Arroyo

      Hi Lucas,

      I need to define a new key figure for Ownership and Rate infoProviders so I created ZRTC_AMO.



      Instead of create a new domain, will there be any problem if I use the existing domain RTC_CT_EXCHANGE_RATE?



      Author's profile photo Lucas Costa
      Lucas Costa
      Blog Post Author

      No problem at all, it is actually encouraged to re-use as much as you can.