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SAP Mentors Share Magic in Las Vegas Interviews

Did you know you can access over 70 lecture replays from SAP TechEd Las Vegas 2017? In addition to this, I want to share a few video interviews recorded with SAP Mentors, and highlight a few key points.

The conference kicked off with another entertaining and relevant keynote by SAP’s CTO and President, SAP Cloud Platform, Bjoern Goerke. I encourage you to watch his entire keynote, but my favourite part is when Bjoern invites Katarina Fischer , Jelena Perfiljeva and Chris Kernaghan up on stage and presents them with Tribbles, “to acknowledge your contributions and to commemorate your 10 years anniversary in the community as multipliers.”  🙂

Keynote Highlights (with SAP Mentor Former Member


SAP Cloud Platform Announcements (with SAP Mentor Tamas Szirtes)


What’s New in SAP Cloud Platform? (with SAP Mentor Alumnus Matthias Steiner)


Why SAP Community Matters (with Brian Ellefritz Head of SAP Community, and SAP Mentor Frank Schuler)


Next-Generation Support: Live Business Needs Live Support (with Andy Cobbold Group VP and Head of Global Support Center NA (West), and SAP Mentor Karin Tillotson)


The Digital Transformation Journey with SAP Cloud Platform (with Gunther Rothermel, Head of SAP Cloud Platform Services, and SAP Mentor Aviad Rivlin)


Managing Your Data Across Your Enterprise (with Ken Tsai, VP and Head of Cloud Platform & Data Management, and SAP Mentor Frank Schuler)


Career Advice with SAP Mentors (with Alexandra Bogdan Head of Communications, SAP Silicon Valley, and SAP Mentors Simha R. Magal and Ivan Femia)


ABAPers Getting Lemonade at SAP TechEd (wtih SAP Mentor Alumnus Michelle Crapo, SAP Mentors Paul Hardy and Jelena Perfiljeva)


SAP Mentors at 10 (with Alexandra Bogdan Head of Communications for SAP Silicon Valley, and Jason Cao SAP Mentors Program Lead)


Meet 2 of our 2017 SAP Developer Heroes! (with Krishna Dalal SAP Developer Relations, Paul Modderman, and SAP Mentor Jose Nunes)

Diversity Powered by Community (with Alexandra Bogdan Head of Communications at SAP Silicon Valley, Malin Liden VP Digital Experience, and Katarina Fischer Program Manager SAP Mentors Program)


How do we Instill Innovation in our Customer Landscape (with Former Member Chief Design Officer, and SAP Mentor Paul Kurchina)


Bots: Enabling power, productivity and personalization at your fingertips (with Ankur Oberoi, Developer Advocate at Slack, and SAP Mentor Paul Kurchina)


I am extremely grateful for all the SAP Mentors who have stepped up to participate and contribute to these SAP TechEd Live interviews! As one of our newest Mentors Frank Schuler says, “You can give help and you can get help. That is the important thing about community.”

Which interview was your favourite, and what do you remember most from it?


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      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo

      Which was my favorite - well of course it was SAP Mentors at 10.  🙂   No really, there were a lot of good things in it.   Talking about passion and willingness to help others.   That's key.   Sharing of knowledge.

      That takes me to Why Community Matters?  Again some great reasons to share your knowledge with the community  The thing that made me really stop and listen.   Share your knowledge so you can do bigger and better things.   In my world that means the most fun project!!!!   Learning new things.

      The rest were strongly technical - and I encourage everyone to watch them all.   Interesting that a lot of them reference ABAP in the Cloud.  And of course, changing our ABAP mentality to different languages.   HA!  They did get that in there.   There was a big portion through out about design thinking.   I totally agree.   So sit back relax and enjoy.   Or work with this playing in your headset like I did.   I missed the body language but still learned something!    Time to go home - I learned something.   OK - not quite yet.   I still have work to do.

      Thank you for putting these all together on one page!


      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      Thanks, Jason! Very handy-dandy collection, now I just need to set aside some time to watch them.

      Btw, if anyone is approached about doing an interview at TechEd you should totally do it. I'm not a very photogenic person who doesn't speak English with a Boston accent but heck, I've done it twice and had a blast. Don't worry what everyone will think about your performance, just do it. My parents were super-proud I appeared on TV (even if it's just the TechEd one), I bet at least a few dozen of views came from them showing it off to everyone. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo

      HA!   There were probably some views from my parents and friends as well.   Yes - the interview was a blast!    I of course had Jelena and Paul there to help me out.   I am totally not photogenic.