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Setup B2B Sales Order Integration with SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign provides EDI integration capabilities to exchange business documents like orders and invoices with business partners.

In this blog I describe how to setup a business-to-business communication (B2B) to receive orders from a customer and send order confirmations in 3 steps.

You find further details how to created sales orders using ByD APIs in blog post Create ByD Sales Orders using Web Services.

So here are the steps the steps to get and configure the integration scenario “Sales Order Integration“:


Step 1: Activate B2B communication for Sales Orders

Work center Business Configuration: Answer the Scoping Question “Do you want to receive sales orders electronically from your customers using Electronic Data Exchange?” with Yes:


Step 2: Configure the Sales Order Interface

Work center Application and User Management, view Communication Arrangements:
Create a communication arrangement for communication scenario “Sales Order Integration”:

In guided activity – step 2 “Define Business Data” enter the business partner (buyer) and the company (seller), and select the identification type. For both, business partner and company, a global location number or DUNS has to be maintained in the business partner/company master data before.

In step 3 “Define Technical Data” select the application protocol, maintain the credentials and enter the access URL for the sales order confirmation via “Edit Advanvced settings“.

The communication scenario supports 2 application protocols: SAP NetWeaver XI 3.0 and Web Service (Plain Soap). You can choose the application protocol in the technical data of the ByD communication arrangement: Enter ‘1’ for SAP NetWeaver XI 3.0 or enter ‘5’ for Web Service (Plain Soap) in field “Application Protocol”.

Please note: SAP NetWeaver XI 3.0 and Web Service use different access URLs. Please make sure the protocol selected fits to the access URL used.

Review and complete the communication arrangement.


Step 3: Get the ByD access URL and download the WSDL

Open the Communication Scenario “Sales Order Integration” and get the access URL of web service Sales Order Inbound (SAP ESD) or download the WSDL:

Now you can use the web service SalesOrderProcessingOrderingIn with access URL <hostname>/sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/salesorderprocessingorderingi1 to create sales orders in ByD.

Please note: The B2B web service SalesOrderProcessingOrderingIn with access URL <hostname>/sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/salesorderprocessingorderingi1 is not visible in the ByD Service Explorer, because the web service is only released for usage in context of the pre-defined integration scenario Sales Order Integration.

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  • Hi Knut,


    Thanks for the documentation.

    As you said, these services are not visible in the service explorer. And they are also not visible in the services for extension fields. Does this mean this integration cannot be used when you have a single extension field essential for your process.


    Kind regards,


    • Hi Mousa,

      Procurement and Invoicing supports business collaboration using B2B interfaces as well:

      You find an overview of integration scenarios on SAP Help for ByD, navigating to "Integration Scenarios".

      Best regards,

      • Hi Knut,

        thanks as always for you explanation.

        Do you have a link to the guide for the configuration of the scenario "Sales Order Integration with Customers".

        I need to implement this scenario for my customer and it is not possible to find a guide anyway.

        Thank you so much.



  • Hi Knut,


    Thanks for sharing the configuration for B2B integration.

    I am trying to configure the B2B integration by following your instructions. But, it seems our system is different from yours. Here is only one application protocol available in our system for "Sales Order Integration". It is "SAP NetWeaver XI 3.0 ".

    Is it change from SAP ByD upgrade, or incorrect configuration? Thanks!


    Best Regards,