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Inbound Queue overview for Error Handling

Inbound Queue Overview for Error Handling & Reprocessing of Transactions in Agentry Based Mobile Applications


Inbound Transaction Administration & Monitoring tool helps to ensure data sent from Mobile application to backend SAP system are tracked and posted properly inorder to preserve data integrity.

Inbound Transaction Administration & Monitoring tool can be used for Error Handling or regular transaction processing. this tool supports a hybrid mode of asynchronous transaction processing with synchronous transaction processing based on object types is supported.

Error Handling:

Any error occurred in posting of Mobile transaction (data sent from Agentry Mobile application) due to the data content or the state of the backend (say object is locked within SAP) is recorded in the Inbound Queue. Inbound queue can be configured to record all the incoming Mobile transactions irrespective of being valid or contain errorous data. Incase of errorous data, the respective object (say WorkOrder object in SAP Work Manager application) is locked and respective transactions on that object are hold in the queue.

This error is also sent to Agentry Mobile application during the transmit and is visible on the Error tab of respective objects screen (example: Error tab on Work Order overview will display the error message associated to Work order in SAP Work Manager Agentry Application, A lock icon also appears in the list screen).

Transactions captured in the queue can be reprocessed from the Administration and Monitoring tool. Monitoring tool also offers to modify the data before reprocessing. This is quite powerful tool specially for the Agentry based Mobile applications which are field oriented and mainly offline driven thus avoiding dependency with Field technician holding the data on the local device

Error Handling Usecase:

Lets cover the Inbound Queue error handling and transaction re-processing with Work order edit example by generating an error in SAP Work Manager 6.4 application.

Usecase for Inbound Queue and error handling:Post error data to SAP through SAP Work Manager application and reprocess the same.End to end scenario is covered in the video at the end of this blog

High level stepsĀ 

  1. Post errorus data to SAP backend system from SAP Work Manager application – Thsi would record the error entry in the Inbound Queue
  2. Correct the Error and repost the mobile transaction from the Inbound Queue Monitoring tool
  3. Validate the transaction is processed and updated data is reflecting on the Mobile application

Scenario for Demo

  • Setup WorkOrder inorder to generate the error state
    • Open a WorkOrder in change mode through SAP GUI Client
  • Post data from SAP Work Manager for the corresponding Work Order
    • in SAP Work Manager mobile application, modify the Work Order description and perform transmit (syncronise data)
  • Observer the Work order Locked error
    • Upon completion of Transmit, corresponding Work order would have a lock icon on the Work Manager application and Error tab would highlight the error message about Work order is locked


  • Observe the same error in Inbound Queue Administration and Monitoring tool


  • Correct the Error
    • Logout from Work Order Change mode in SAP GUI client
  • Reprocess the Transaction
    • From the Administration and Monitoring tool, reprocess the transaction
  • Validate data processing
    • Validate the status if the transaction in monitoring tool
    • Validate the updated Work order description in display mode from SAP GUI client
    • Transmit on Work Manager mobile application and validate lock icon is removed, also the new description is reflecting


Following video covers the use case scenario end to end i.e.

  • Error generating,
  • Re-processing of data and
  • Validating the updates in SAP Backend & Agentry Mobile application.



For details to configure the Inbound Queue, follow the key 5 steps

  • Inbound transaction queue configuration for the mobile application
  • BAPI wrapper enablement
  • Inbound transaction processing
  • Inbound transaction administration and monitoring
  • Security

More details covered in SAP help site here

For any clarification please feel free to send a note to


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