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Identifying License Issues in Streaming Analytics

In the previous blog, you learned how to request and install a permanent license for SAP HANA streaming analytics. Installation is usually successful, but what happens if you run into license issues later? Is it even the license that’s causing the problem?

In streaming analytics, you may come across several issues that could be caused by invalid licensing. These include having trouble connecting to the streaming cluster or server, or even starting up the streaming server. To determine if your license is the culprit, you need to pay attention to any error codes that show up.


Streaming license issues: you can’t connect to the cluster or server

An invalid streaming license might not let you connect to the streaming cluster or server, but it isn’t always obvious that this is the issue.

If you can’t connect to the server when running a project in studio, you might get this connection error message:

<Cannot connect to server>

Or, you might have trouble connecting to the cluster, and can’t start the streaming analytics host. In this case, there might not be any indication that there’s an underlying problem. For either of these issues, you’ll have to check the status of your license to find out what’s going on.

To see if your streaming license is invalid:

  1. In SAP HANA studio, go to Help > About SAP HANA Studio.
  2. Choose Installation Details, then Configuration.
  3. Next, click View Error Log and (if prompted) open a text editor to view it.
  4. Locate the error code 700283.

If you run into that error code, it means there’s a problem with your streaming license that’s preventing you from connecting to the streaming cluster or server. If you don’t see this error code, then something else is causing the error.

An invalid streaming license might be the reason you can’t connect to the streaming cluster or server. But, if you have difficulties starting up the streaming server, it could be an issue with your HANA license.


HANA license issue: you can’t start up the streaming server

What if you’ve done everything right, installed streaming, maybe even ran some projects – and you come back the next day to see that your streaming server is down, and nothing you do brings it back up? There might be an issue with your HANA license. To check this, open the streaming server log file. If you find the following error message, then your license keys are invalid:

Caused by: SAP DBTech JDBC: [591]: internal error: only commands for license handling are allowed in current state
FATAL - CODE_700418 | Could not load config from database
FATAL - CODE_700412 | Factory of new node failed

TIP: Even though this error occurs in streaming, remember that the error is caused by an invalid HANA license, not a streaming license.


How do you fix licensing issues?

Now that you can identify licensing issues, what should you do if you encounter one of them? Well, you can try to install or reinstall the streaming and HANA licenses by following the instructions in the previous blog, or in the documentation. Or, you can contact your SAP support representative for help.

For more info on the above issues, check out the following:

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