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Customer experience has always played a crucial role in determining the success of any business. In the age of virtual reality, chatbots and smartphones, the need for an optimal customer experience is more than ever.

The only piece of advice that marketers are going to need in the next decade is – companies that prioritize customer experience will outperform other companies who don’t.

Smartphone Will Be the New Shopping Assistant

Smartphones are going to play a pivotal role in both the kinds of shopping – whether it’s brick or mortar based physical shopping or home-based online shopping.

As per Mark De Bruijn, Senior Director, Head of EMEA Marketing, SAP Hybris, “Customers can get more product content by simply scanning the product label, they can also find product reviews, information on related products, personalized advice and perhaps even pricing history due to links with independent online comparison tools. Not only can customers quickly create shopping lists at home, but in 2020 the app will also show the right picking order based on the layout of the store.

The New iPhone X is Here

Apple recently released iPhone X which is seen as the future of Smartphone. With super retina display, dual optical image stabilization, face id authorization and wireless charging, iPhone X has all the features that people only desired to have.

Revolutionizing CX Using AR

Augmented reality will be able to reduce the gap between the real world and the virtual world. With the help of AR, companies now have the power to enable prospects to preview what new furniture or paintings would look like in the actual space. Moreover, some AR applications can even allow customers to virtually “shop” in a store and try items on their own bodies.

It is evident to mention here that the age of cold calling is long gone. We are living in the age of millennial audiences and people do not like services that are pushed towards them.
Serious companies are becoming less and less likely to use the cold calling since it is now known that potential customers are bothered by sales telephone calls. Unknown telephone numbers are often also marked as spam calls. In many cases, this also applies, why there are special platforms, such as, where telephone numbers can be tested for spam.

Therefore, other routes are now preferred.

VR takes into account pull-based marketing where prospects themselves choose to be a part of your business which is different from cold calling.

AR is different from VR in the sense that the former has the power to engage the customers without the need for special headsets. The only thing needed is the smartphone and AR can provide a dynamic interactive experience that can boost sales.

Moreover, chatbots are about to replace smartphone apps as the millennial generation is more comfortable interacting with an assistant. Chatbots can assist in sales as they can alert customers based on their current activity, assist them in choosing a product and send them notifications of discounts.

SAP Hybris Commerce Mobile Module

SAP Hybris commerce mobile module gets you covered in order to deliver a consistent mobile shopping experience to the shoppers.

  • Fully integrates mobile into the greater e-commerce infrastructure in order to drive sales and optimize processes.
  • Works on all mobile devices, even older phones.
  • Supports all m-commerce processes, right from search to purchase.
  • Has out-of-the-box functionality for the development of mobile-optimized websites including templates for all mobile devices.
  • Offers barcode integration as a cross-channel link e.g. for marketing campaigns.
  • Enables the use of SMS to deliver alerts, product information, promotions, etc. to customers.
  • Ensures that content and branding is consistent with other channels.

There is no doubt that the coming decade is of businesses who have the power to revolutionize the customer experience. There will be digital assistants everywhere and the work on the customer end will be reduced. Chatbots would offer real and useful advice and IoT will further assist in learning more about the consumer behavior.

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