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The Winter…err… TechEd is Coming!


I’m not a Game of Thrones fan and honestly have no idea what’s the big deal with that upcoming change of seasons. But I figure I’m just as sick and tired of this catchphrase as the SCN members are of all those TechEd blogs and announcements. So I’ll try to make it quick and painless. Unlike that winter, I imagine.

First off, big, yuuuuuuge announcement. I joined Twitter as @JelenaAtLarge. Yes, I know, I swore never do that unless Steffi Warnecke makes a jump with me Thelma and Louise style. But it looks like these days Twitter has become a proxy for SCN and Mentor Jam, so FOMO finally got to me. Hey, I’m only human!

I’ll spare you a table with my planned agenda, which most likely I won’t be able to follow anyway. But if for any reason anyone wants to see me (or make sure to avoid me), I’ll definitely make some appearances at the Mentor Booth (see the schedule here).

And on Thursday you’ll have a chance to see Paul Hardy, Michelle Crapo, and myself live on some kind of TechEd TV talking about ABAP. Questions can still be submitted here but we were only given like 7 minutes to do this interview and all three of us have a history of very long SCN posts, so I’ll consider it a success if we make it through the introductions. 🙂

This year the TechEd schedule is a bit different and there is no keynote on Monday. So there will be nothing for me to make fun of and my first TechEd blog will likely appear only on Tuesday evening.

I hope to feel in Paul Hardy’s buzzword bingo card, meet Capra, ask the SCN team members why they killed SCN, and possibly find ABAP.

For a fresh dose of nostalgia I leave you with my very first TechEd blog from 2013. Even without reading the blog, I remember vividly almost an out-of-body experience of being an outsider on that first day. But this year, I’ll be kicking the TechEd door open with a foot (figuratively) and taking my reserved spot in the VIP seating area. And then possibly posting about this on Twitter. O tempora o mores…

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